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Multiple Choice Questions On CHEMICAL THERMODYNAMICS

Question 1. 

The correct thermodynamics relation among the following is -
  1. byjusexamprep
  2. byjusexamprep
  3. byjusexamprep
  4. byjusexamprep

Question 2. 

For an ideal gas undergoing reversible expension, the correct relation between change in Gibbs free energy and Helmholtz free energy will be:
  1. byjusexamprep
  2. byjusexamprep
  3. byjusexamprep
  4. byjusexamprep

Question 3. 

When 4 moles of an ideal gas are heated from 200 K to 400 K at constant pressure and the molar heat capacity is 25 J/ K mol. The change in entropy is
  1. 30.1 JK-1
  2. 69.3 JK-1
  3. -200 JK-1
  4. -50.4 JK-1

Question 4.

Which of the following statements concerning the coefficient of volume expansion byjusexamprep and the isothermal compressibility k of a solid is true?
  1. byjusexamprepand k are both intensive variable
  2. byjusexamprepis intensive and k is an extensive variable
  3. byjusexamprep is an extensive and k is an intensive variable
  4. byjusexamprep and k both are extensive variables

Question 5.

Which among the following sets of maxwell relations is correct? (U – internal energy H – enthalpy, A – Helmholtz free energy and G – Gibbs Free energy)
  1. byjusexamprep
  2. byjusexamprep
  3. byjusexamprep
  4. byjusexamprep
Answer Key for Chemical Thermodynamics 
Question NumberAnswer Key

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