Soil Mechanics

By : Dinesh Singh

Soil Mechanics is used to describing the behaviour of soils through Soil Physics and Applied Mechanics. Soil Mechanics is an important subject of Civil Engineering (CE) which carries a weightage of 5-12 marks. It is important to choose right study material and study notes to prepare for Soil Mechanics, thus, we have compiled below the topic-wise study material and important notes for GATE, BARC, ISRO and other CE exams.

Soil MechanicsBest Books for Soil Mechanics
Soil Mechanics Important Formulas 
Soil Mechanics Preparation Digest 
Mission ISRO- Soil Mechanics
Soil Mechanics Quiz
Soil Mechanics Champion Study Plan

Soil Mechanics Notes for Civil Engineering

Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering Notes
Rapid Revision Study Notes
Principle of Effective Stress Study Notes
Compaction of Soil Notes
Properties of Soils Notes
Classification of Soils Study Notes
Effective stresses, permeability and well hydraulics Notes
Soil stabilization and soil exploration Study Notes
Shear strength of soil Notes
Geotechnical Engineering