GATE Study Material for Civil Engineering

By : Sachin Singh

Updated : Jan 20, 2021, 14:12

Find here GATE study material for Civil Engineering branch. The study material of GATE CE is based on important subjects. Thus, we have created the list of topic-wise GATE notes the #1 approach to make your preparation more sophisticated.

GATE Study Material for Civil Engineering

Sr. No.Study Material
1Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Notes
2Soil Mechanics Notes
3Building Materials Notes
4Engineering Mechanics Notes
5Transportation Engineering
6Surveying Study Material
7Structured Analysis Notes
8Irrigation Engineering Notes
9Construction Management Notes
10Design of Steel Structure Notes
11Environmental Engineering
12Engineering Hydrology Notes
13RCC and Prestressed Concrete
14Engineering Mathematics Study Material
15General Aptitude Notes

Do study the above notes of GATE Civil Engineering and set the target of achieving higher marks in the GATE CE exam