Environmental Engineering

By : Sachin Singh

The basic & major task of an environmental engineer is to help in minimizing and managing waste and pollution, protecting the air, water, soil, and ourselves from harmful chemicals.

Now, if we take a simple analysis of the weightage of marks, this subject covers a total of around 11-14 marks. Hence, it becomes important to cover all the topics asked in this subject. So, Environmental Engineering is considered difficult for many students as it includes concepts from various other topics such as Air Pollution and Noise Pollution, Waster Water & Water Supply Engineering.

Here we have compiled a list of important formulas, study plan & study material to help you formulate a way through which you can tackle this subject for GATE, BARC, ISRO and other CE exams. 

Environmental Engineering Notes for Civil Engineering

Environmental Engineering
Air Pollution and Noise Pollution
Water Supply Engineering

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Environmental Engineering