Changing level of IBPS PO & Expected Pattern Changes in Exam 2018

By Kanika Ralhan|Updated : October 7th, 2018

IBPS PO Exams will start from 13 October 2018. Keeping this in mind, today we will discuss about the changing level of this Exam and the changes that you can expect in IBPS PO Exam 2018. We will discuss about the evolution of individual sections and what new can be expected in these sections in Prelims phase of IBPS PO 2018.

With the changing pattern of banking examination, it is high time that we start tweaking our preparation to have a head start in the upcoming IBPS PO 2018 exam. To be specific, the change in the pattern of banking exams started from SBI PO 2018. SBI has been the trendsetter in introducing questions based on new concepts in banking examinations. IBPS followed the footsteps of SBI and introduced new patterns of questions in its main examination of IBPS PO 2018. Especially, the pattern of Reasoning and English has changed drastically since then and the difficulty level of all the sections has been soaring high. The need of the hour is to focus your preparation on the changed pattern of banking examination.

IBPS PO examination is to take place in the month of October. It is vital to take a note of the changes that SBI introduced in its SBI PO Mains examination 2018 keeping in view the fact that IBPS follows the footsteps of SBI. Hence, today we will try to anticipate the expected topics that can be asked from each section in the upcoming IBPS PO exam 2018.

Changing level of IBPS PO & Expected Changes in Exam 2018

We will now discuss about the 3 major sections that are asked in IBPS PO Exam.

Reasoning Ability

  • Reasoning section is expected to be based mostly on questions based on the new pattern.
  • Earlier, syllogism used to be quite simple and one of the most favorite topics of the aspirants. Now, there is less probability of such questions surfacing in IBPS PO examination again.
  • It is highly expected that if the questions based on syllogism are asked in the IBPS PO exam then they will be based on the new pattern. The new pattern of syllogism also known as reverse syllogism requires the candidate to identify the statements that follow the conclusions given in the questions. Questions in Prelims exam can be a mix of old and new pattern.
  • The number of questions based on puzzles and seating arrangement has been on the rise in all the previous examinations.
  • Moreover, puzzles based on three variables are more common nowadays. Keeping in mind the recent trend of bank examinations we can expect a high level of puzzles in IBPS PO 2018 based on more than two variables.
  • SBI introduced a completely new pattern of Input-Output in its PO Main examination, which was based on the diagram. The candidates were asked questions based on a diagrammatic input-output. Hence, be prepared for such surprises in IBPS PO exam as well.
  • New pattern of Coding-Decoding is also expected where you are given various numbers, symbols, and letters that too only in one code. A little bit of basic calculation is also required to solve such types of coding-decoding questions.
  • Even the difficulty level of questions based on blood relations and direction sense has increased over the period. Hence, questions that are complex in nature should be practiced as much as possible.
  • Inequality based questions are expected to be a mix of new and old pattern. You can expect direct questions from Inequality as well as individual questions where you need to spot the answers which are definitely true/ false for given inequality equations in the options. For instance,
    Consider the Question below -
    In which of the following expressions will the expression ‘P < F’ be definitely false?
    A) F = B > P ≤ M
    B) P > B ≥ M = F
    C) P ≤ B < F ≤ M
    D) B < P ≤ M < F

Reasoning Ability Quiz for IBPS PO 2018

Quantitative Aptitude

  • This section has turned quite lengthy and calculative over the period. The pattern of questions has also been changed even in Data Interpretation based questions.
  • Earlier, the Data Interpretation was based on the concepts of ratio, percentage, and average. But in the upcoming IBPS PO examination, we can expect Data Interpretation based on topics like boat and stream, time and work, profit and loss etc.
  • You need to get a complete grasp of these topics to solve Data Interpretation. Hence, the importance of arithmetic part has become even greater than before.
  • The questions on arithmetic can be expected to be more complex and calculative.
  • It is likely that the questions based on probability in the upcoming IBPS PO exam will be of high level as seen in SBI Main exam 2018.
  • Data sufficiency based on three statements is expected.

Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for IBPS PO 2018

English Language

  • The difficulty level of the English section has been increasing with every bank exam and the aspirants are finding it very hard to cope with.
  • If you have a good understanding of the English language and strong vocabulary you can easily solve the questions based on the new pattern.
  • All the questions that are asked in this section are based on grammar, reading comprehension and vocabulary.
  • Reading Comprehension - The questions based on Reading Comprehension without antonyms and synonyms are expected. Moreover, the pattern of the Reading comprehension in the recent SBI PO exam has also changed.
  • The passage was divided into paragraphs and the questions were asked from particular paragraphs only.
  • A new type of question-based on paragraph connection was also introduced which asked to identify the statement that can follow a given paragraph to connect it to another particular paragraph.
  • Para Jumbles - The pattern of Para Jumble has been changed in SBI PO examination. The new pattern provides you with the first and the last sentence of the paragraph and all the other four sentences of the paragraph are jumbled.
  • You have to rearrange the remaining sentences to form a coherent paragraph. It is very time consuming to solve these questions as now you have to rearrange a single paragraph for one mark.
  • Double fillers - Double fillers are relatively easy to solve as the options can be easily eliminated if you understand the meanings of the words completely.
  • The pattern of double fillers has been changing rapidly. Earlier, we had to identify the correct set of words from the given option to fit suitably into a single statement. Next, a new pattern was introduced in which we two statements with one blank each was given. Now, we can expect two sentences with two blanks each in the upcoming IBPS PO examination.
  • Error Spotting - We can expect error spotting to be more complex based on the diction and syntax and that too in a twisted way to confuse the candidates. Unlike before, error spotting based on multiple errors is expected as seen in SBI PO exam.
  • Inference based questions - In SBI PO examination, a new type of inference based questions were introduced. A statement was given and you had to identify that from which of the given passage that statement can be inferred.
  • A new pattern of sentence formation is also introduced in which four parts of a sentence are given and you have to identify the correct sequence of these parts from the given options to form a logical and grammatically correct sentence.
  • Given the changing pattern of questions in English language, it is crucial that you strengthen your grammar basics and vocabulary in order to score good marks in the exam.

English Language Quiz for IBPS PO 2018

Attempt IBPS PO Mini Mocks and check your preparation level.

From the above analysis, we can conclude that we should do our preparation well aligned with the dynamic nature of banking examinations. Preparing from conventional sources is futile. To keep up with the changing pattern of examination the only reliable method to practice is from online sources as they are constantly updated. A careful reading of the instructions is a must due to the changing nature of the exams. If you have an in-depth understanding of the concepts of all these topics you can definitely solve any type of questions because they are based on the similar concepts. The questions may be twisted, but the concepts are the same

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All the best for your exams.

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