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By Anjali Chowdhury|Updated : February 14th, 2022

GDPI full form is Group discussion and Personal Interview. Along with CAT GD PI, IIMs also conduct WAT which is Written Ability Test. It is the most crucial round for admission to topmost B-schools, like IIMs. After the declaration of CAT results, IIMs shortlist the aspirants and conduct GD, PI and WAT rounds for final selection. So, the aspirants have to start CAT GD-PI preparation as soon as possible.

CAT 2021 results have already been released, so the aspirants need to be prepared for the next rounds of selection: Group Discussion, Personal Interview and  Written Ability Test. Before starting the preparation, the aspirants need to be well versed first with GD-PI WAT meaning and get the best preparation strategy for CAT GD-PI preparation.

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What is CAT GD-PI WAT ?

In the GD round, the shortlisted aspirants are divided into 8-10 Groups. A topic is allotted to them, which is needed to be discussed within a stipulated time. The interview panel secretly monitors candidates’ performance. It is an important round because the aspirants are judged based on their communication skills, leadership approach, vision, decision-making skills and teamwork.

Additionally, in the PI round, the aspirants are judged based on their verbal communication skills and presence of Mind. The interviewers evaluate how smoothly the aspirants are presenting their thoughts to convince the experts on the interview panel.

Therefore, the aspirants must follow an effective preparation strategy to be prepared for CAT GD-PI round

WAT or Written Ability Test round in the CAT selection process evaluates the CAT qualified aspirants' writing skills and language skills. It is a pen and paper test, and the aspirants can expect topics from Current Affairs to previous years' trends, case studies, or abstract ideas. 

Following are some well-curated books for CAT GD and PI preparation. The aspirants can follow these books at the time of preparation.

Book Name


A Complete Kit for Group Discussion

S. Hundiwala 

Group Discussion on Current Topics

P. N. Joshi

Master the Group Discussion & Personal Interview: Complete Discussion on the topics asked by reputed B-schools & IIMs

Sheetal Desarda

Group Discussions And Interviews

Anand Ganguly & RPH Editorial Board

Group Discussion: More Than 100 Topics Covered


How to Interview Like a Top MBA: Job-Winning Strategies From Headhunters, Fortune 100 Recruiters, and Career Counselors

Shel Leanne

Marketing Chronicles: A Compendium of Global and Local Marketing Insights From the Pre-Smartphone and Post-Smartphone Eras

Nimish V. Dwivedi

Universal Interview And Group Discussion Book

Manoj Kumar Sharma

You can also check CAT 2022 Syllabus

Preparation Strategy for GD and PI Round

The aspirants must know why IIMs conducts GD-PI rounds for the final shortlisting of the candidates. The MBA programmes in the top-most B-schools are important for future business communication. For this, aspirants’ communication skills, leadership skills, and decision-making skills need to be analysed first. In the following, the BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have listed some important preparation tips to ensure the aspirants ace the CAT GD-PI. 

Always be Careful While Writing SOPs

Aspirants’ SOPs are a good source of questions for the interviewers. So, the aspirants should focus on their SOPs and keep their answers ready as per the mentioned points on SOPs. You must write your SOP for CAT GD-PI very strategically so that it could land you up with your dream IIMs. It is an essay, in which the aspirants can convey their intentions for doing an MBA.

Be Updated with Current Events

The aspirants need to be updated with the daily happenings. They should start a regular habit of reading newspapers and business magazines. It is needed to remain updated with the surroundings to represent the thoughts in the CAT GD-PI round.

A daily habit of reading books and magazines also improve your speaking skills. It is very important because you have to speak fluently during group discussions. Additionally, your thinking ability will be increased and you can express your thoughts without any hesitation.

Brush up Academics

The aspirants need to be well prepared with their specialisation. Because the interviewers sometimes show interest in the academic knowledge of an aspirant. So, if you have good academic knowledge, then you can easily share your knowledge and interest towards the subject.

Involve in Team Work

You must be aware of teamwork because it will assist you to become a good conversationalist. The aspirants must participate in various group activities to analyse their speaking skills. Apart from this, it will also improve their grammatical knowledge and communication skills.

In addition to this, teamwork also influence your public speaking skills. If the aspirants focus on this, they can easily express their thoughts in front of the interviewer without any fear.

CAT GD PI Preparation Course

The aspirants can also prepare for GD-PI WAT preparation online. They can attend BYJU’S Exam Prep online classes for GD and PI. It will help them to understand their leggings and areas to be improved.

You will get personalised mentoring directly from IIM alumni with live sessions and record sessions classes. You will learn the best way to present yourself in front of the interview panel in the CAT GD-PI round. Enrol for CAT GD-PI course.

Always be Positive and Sincere

While answering the questions you must remain positive and sincere. Never speak much and try to give precise answers to the questions that will be asked. The panel will check the personality, strengths and weaknesses of the aspirants through their questions.

If you ever face questions like “what is your career goal for choosing an MBA, they you must give a clear and to the point answer. Never say any inspirational words or stories, as panel experts are busy people. So, deliver your thoughts precisely.

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  • You must bring out new thoughts about the topic that has to be discussed. Besides, it is good to maintain good eye contact to gain confidence while speaking in CAT GD-PI.

  • You have to understand the topic first. Then you can focus on your presenting style to represent your thoughts in CAT GD-PI.

  • You must start preparation for CAT GD-PI from the beginning of the CAT exam. Because there is no such definite syllabus, you must be aware of the recent updates on politics, business, social issues, and economics.

  • Yes, it is possible, but you have to make sure that you have a laptop or smartphone with a stable internet connection.

  • Yes, you can prepare CAT WAT from your mobile but make sure you have a stable internet connection.

  • There are various online sources. But it is recommended to join BYJU’S Exam Prep classes to get updated and reliable sources for GD PI preparation for CAT.

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