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Canara Bank PO exam is scheduled on 23rd December 2018. There is more than a month is left to prepare for the exam. So, in this post, we will be sharing some important study notes of Reasoning subject to prepare for the Canara Bank PO exam 2018. You must gear up your preparation now & study from these notes to clear your concepts. You must practice all the topics by attempting quizzes to check your preparation level on regular basis.

If we check out the Canara Bank exam pattern, then reasoning ability is a very important and a high scoring topic. Total 50 questions will be asked from this subject carrying 50 marks. Reasoning ability actually tests your observational skills and thinking ability.

Canara Bank PO: Exam analysis of Reasoning Ability (March 2018)


Number of Questions

seating Arrangement and Puzzles 






Logical reasoning


Data Sufficiency


Let us have a look at the list of topics you have to prepare with the useful tips & study notes.

Canara Bank PO Reasoning Preparation Tips & Notes 

  • Inequality

It is expected that questions from this topic will be asked on coded inequality. Understand the basic meanings of the symbol as well as their priority order i.e. between > and >= or < and <=. You must be clear with the either-or & neither - nor cases while practicing. Read the study notes of Inequality from the link given below:

Study Notes of Inequality

  • Coding Decoding

We can expect 4-5 questions on the new pattern from this topic. Many new patterns of this topic have been asked in the recent banking exams. Revise all the basic rules of the topic and you must go through all types of new questions for deep understanding. Read the notes of coding-decoding from the link given below:

How to solve Coding - Decoding

New pattern Coding Decoding Questions

  • seating Arrangement and Puzzles

The major chunk of questions will be asked from the seating arrangement and puzzles. You have to practice a lot of examples to have a good command over it. Practice is the only key which will help you in solving questions quickly. Also, practicing them will help you analyze from where you should start solving the puzzle, which puzzles to attempt or not, etc.

  • Maximum questions are expected from these topics.
  • Understand the concepts and practice the questions from Linear Arrangement, Circular Arrangement, and Square Seating Arrangement.
  • In puzzles, the most important ones are Floor Puzzles, Day/Month/Year Puzzles, scheduling and comparison based puzzles.
  • Be well aware of basic concepts of Blood relations as these are included in questions of Puzzles and Seating Arrangement sometimes.
  • Try to make use of a timer while solving these questions to keep a track of the time you are spending on them. This practice on a regular basis will also help you minimize the time that you spend on puzzles and arrangement based questions.

Seating Arrangement Study Notes

How to solve Puzzles

  • Syllogism

These types of questions contain two or more statements followed by the number of conclusions. In this, you have to find which conclusions logically follows from the given statements. You can use the Venn Diagram or any other method to solve these questions. We can also expect reverse or negative syllogism. Just understand the basics of it and then you can solve it easily. 

Reverse Syllogisms: Number of conclusions are followed by statement/s. You have to answer which conclusion can be made from the given statements.

Negative Syllogism: In this, statements will be followed by conclusions and you have to mark the conclusion which is not followed by given statements.

How to solve Syllogism

  • Blood Relation

Questions of blood relation are expected to be asked in the coded form. Solve it using Venn diagrams/ family tree while solving these questions and make sure that you differentiate the males & females symbols properly. It will help to avoid any confusion in the end.

  1. You can use + symbol for a male and - symbol for a female.
  2. Also, use different signs to differentiate among the relations. Like, you can use the double-sided arrow to relate husband wife, downwards arrow to relate parent-child and so on.

Read blood relation notes to improve your basic concepts.

Blood Relation Notes

  • Direction Sense

  1. Be clear with all the direction names. 
  2. Start question by considering yourself facing the north direction and apply further statements accordingly.
  3. Solve these questions by making possible diagrams.
  4. In many questions of this topic, the candidates are required to calculate some values like, the total distance traveled, shortest path covered the distance between two entities, etc. For such questions, you must know about the Pythagorean Theorem, which can be used to calculate such distances.

Read direction sense notes to improve your basic concepts.

Direction Sense Notes

  • Order & Ranking

In this topic, the data related to ranks of a person/persons from the left side/right side/top/bottom are given and the total number of persons are asked. In some questions, the total number of persons are given and the rank of the person from the left side/right side/top/bottom are asked. Generally, six types of questions are formed from this topic which are mentioned as following -

  1. Total number of persons based on the given data
  2. Rank of a person from the left or right side
  3. Number of persons in between two persons
  4. Minimum/Maximum number of persons in a row.
  5. The number of persons on either side of a particular person. 
  6. Rank of a person after interchanging the position
  7. Ascending/Descending Order of persons according to their categories (age, height, ranking, marks etc)

Read here Order & Ranking Notes

  • Alphabet test

1 or 2 questions can be expected from this topic. For this, you should remember the rank of alphabets to answer the questions quickly. Learn the easy and quick tricks to remember ranks of letters.

Tricks to learn Ranks of Alphabets

  • Input-output

This is basically a topic of logical reasoning where a set of words, numbers or their combination is given in a particular sequence in various steps. You need to identify the pattern in which the initial input given to you is processed in various steps and then apply the same pattern to the statement in the questions and answer accordingly.

Input-Output Study Notes

  • Data Sufficiency

1. At first, go through the complete question properly first. This way, you’ll be able to analyze what data is required to arrive at the answer to the question and then proceed to the statements that have been provided.

2. Make sure that you don’t have to solve the question completely.

3. Do not mark the answer after testing just one statement. For instance, even if you conclude that the data in statement 1 is sufficient to answer the question, do not forget to check for the other statement.

4. Use option elimination process to narrow down the possible answers.

Data Sufficiency Study Notes

  • Series

This is one of the easy topics, but it requires a quick understanding of the terms like, right, left, in the middle of and so on. Also, quick calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.) are required to solve numerical series. You can easily score 5 marks from this topic by answering these questions attentively.

The series can be of following topics:

1. Numerical Series Eg: 723 316 451 539 876

2. Alphabet Series Eg: CUT    RAT    LIN    HUT    LAN    Eg:  abbc_ab_c_bbc

3. Alphanumeric SeriesEg: F 6 H 8 W I 9 Y 4 K 3 L 3 T J E 9 1 0 H 1


4. Alphanumeric Symbol Sequence series: Eg: 5 P ) S Y 9 6 # 1 D ? 1 ^ Q % d T % Q ! c 4 

Alphanumeric Series Study Notes 

  • Logical Reasoning Topics

1. Strengthening and weakening Arguments

2. Assumptions

3. Inferences

4. Cause and Effect

5. Course of actions

6. Statement and Conclusions

Tips to follow for these topics:

  • Improve your reading skills.
  • While attempting the question, Read the statement first. After that read the passage so as to focus on relevant parts of the paragraph the first time.
  • Limited time to attempt each question, quickly read all the statements and start looking for the data which is required.
  • Follow the flow of the passage
  • Use elimination strategy to answer the questions. 
  • Avoid guessing work


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