IDBI Executive Preparation Tips 2022: Subject-Wise Strategy

IDBI Executive Preparation Tips 2022: Subject-Wise Strategy

ByAkash Mishra  |  Updated on: Jun 10, 2022
IDBI Executive preparation tips will assist the candidates in preparing well for the exam. The IDBI Executive preparation tips have been provided by the experts to assist the candidates in their preparation for the exam.
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The experts have facilitated the IDBI Executive preparation tips 2022 to assist the candidates in getting ahead in their preparation. It is of prime essentiality for the candidates to have a well-drafted preparation strategy to be able to accomplish the desired result and the aspired job profile.

The IDBI Executive preparation tips for all the subjects have been provided to the candidates to assist them in their path to success. The cumulative effect of accurate preparation and efficient strategy will lead the candidates on their path to success. The right preparation will not only aid you in gaining a competitive edge but will also help them in boosting their confidence level.

The IDBI Executive preparation tips will not only assist the candidates in honing their strengths and catering to their weaknesses. We have furnished the candidates with complete and detailed knowledge of the well-crafted preparation tips for all the subjects as prescribed by the experts. 

IDBI Executive Preparation Tips 2022

A section-wise preparation strategy is a very important element in the preparation stage as it contains comprehensive planning for the exam. The IDBI Executive preparation tips 2022 have been laid here by the experts. You should go through a subject-wise preparation strategy. It is of high essentiality for the candidates to draft a well-crafted study plan to be able to cover the entire syllabus in a definite time span. 

Each subject needs a different strategy and plan of action to crack it, you need to be well acquainted with the complete details and strategy to lead the candidates in knocking on the door of success. The proper IDBI Executive preparation tips will lead the candidates in determining their weak areas, that need to be catered.

To come out with flying colors in the exam, you must be well aware of this subject-wise IDBI Executive preparation strategy. So, in this post, you will get an excellent preparation strategy, topic-wise weightage, and expert tips for the upcoming exam.

Subject-wise Preparation Strategy for IDBI Executive 2022 Exam

You can decipher the IDBI Executive preparation tips and frame an accurate and optimal strategy to get through the selection process effectively and efficiently. All the candidates must be clear with the exam pattern and the syllabus of the IDBI Executive exam. There will be only one single test in the selection process and it will be conducted online. You just have to prepare all the subjects efficiently in order to score well. Let's now discuss the subject-wise IDBI Executive preparation tips for leading the path of excellence in the upcoming exam.

1. Best IDBI Executive Preparation Strategy For Reasoning Ability

The candidates can get the IDBI Executive preparation tips 2022 for Reasoning Ability takes the candidates towards the path of success.  If you have properly practiced all of the core topics, the reasoning section is easier than the other subjects. Solving questions in this area need strong analytical skills, and "practice" is the key to perfecting your preparation. Learn the fundamentals of the below-mentioned topics, comprehend their theory, and then devise the strategy to solve the questions in a time-efficient manner. Beginners may find the issue of syllogism challenging at first, but with experience, it becomes quite simple to solve. Kindly follow the below-mentioned study notes for conceptual clarity.

Reasoning questions will be solely logical in nature. Try as many online mock tests as you can; consistent practice will help you become an expert in this area. Only with practice can your ability to recognize the pattern of questions improves day by day. It is critical to answer the questions in a timely manner. Try to finish the Reasoning part in 30 minutes or less by answering 35-40 questions correctly. You must choose these 35-40 questions with consideration so that they can be answered correctly.

2. Best Strategy to Prepare Quantitative Aptitude for IDBI Executive Exam

The IDBI Executive preparation tips for the Quantitative Aptitude section will lead you to understand the core concepts and gain in-depth knowledge of the exam. If you prepare well for the Quantitative Aptitude part, you can do well on the exam. To improve your score in this area, you must improve your calculation skills. To solve the questions in the quantitative aptitude section, remember relevant formulas, shortcut tricks, and so on. Practice all forms of graphs (line, table, bar, caselete, and so on) so that you can attempt them correctly.

Calculating exact answers isn't required for some questions. Options are sometimes phrased in such a way that approximations are possible. As a result, considering the possibilities before answering the questions saves you time. Learn to use the table (at least up to 50), squares, cubes, square roots, and percentage to fraction conversions. This will not only increase your efficiency across the board but will also improve your approach to solving Simplification/Approximation problems.

3. Best Strategy to Prepare English for IDBI Executive Exam

The accurate IDBI Executive preparation tips for the English Language will assist the candidates in establishing their grammatical knack and foundations to get through the maximum benefits and ace the section with ease. English section is entirely dependent on your reading abilities and vocabulary knowledge. To improve your vocabulary and understanding of this part, start reading newspapers every day. Every day, learn at least 5 new words to familiarise yourself with their common usage.

First, review the grammar rules. Keep in mind that you won't be able to remember all of the rules. You only need to go over each rule with an example now. All of the rules will gradually be remembered by your memory.

Read an English article and compile a list of the new words you acquired from it to boost your vocabulary or word power. Keep in mind that you should do this for at least 6 months on your own.

Topic-wise Weightage for IDBI Executive Exam 2022

Before discussing the tips and tricks for all the subjects, let's have a look at the list of the topics which you need to cover. The topics are selected as per the previous year's IDBI executive exam and other ongoing banking and insurance exams. The expected number of questions from each topic has also been mentioned in the tables below.

Reasoning Ability

Mark the number of questions carrying maximum weightage to prepare an impeccable layout of the strategy to get through the selection process. You must cover the topics carrying the maximum weightage. The Reasoning Ability section requires immense practice and the candidates can get on the way of improvement to gain a competitive edge.

Topic Name

Expected Questions





Seating Arrangement & Puzzles


Alphanumeric & Numeric Series






Blood Relations


Direction sense


Miscellaneous (Order & Ranking, etc. )


English Language

The essential topics for the English Language have been listed here to assist the candidates in achieving success in the upcoming exam. You can note the number of expected questions in each section to be able to prepare an optimum strategy for the exam.

Topic Name

Expected Questions

Reading Comprehension


Fillers (Single & Double)


Para jumbles


Cloze Test


Error Finding


Sentence Improvement


Sentence/ Para Completion


Vocabulary (Synonyms-Antonyms, Idioms & Phrases, Misspelt words, etc).


Quantitative Aptitude

You need to grasp the fundamentals and the core concepts to get through the selection process. You can mark the expected number of questions of all the topics to frame an effective strategy for this section. The Quantitative Aptitude section requires consistent practice and dedicated efforts.

Topic Name

Expected Questions

Data Interpretation


Simplification/ Approximation


Number Series


Quadratic Equations


Miscellaneous (S.I/C.I, Speed & Time, Profit & loss, Time & Work, Averages, Ages, Partnerships, Ratios, Percentage, etc.)


Apart from the above-mentioned topics, you should also understand the basics of Data Sufficiency.

Expert Tips for IDBI Executive Exam

Hard work is the key to success, but along with hard work it is of equitable importance for them to move in the right direction to achieve the desired results. The experts have furnished the complete details to the candidates to help them accelerate on the path of success. This will help you analyze the areas you are lagging, is the essential preparation way you haven't opted for. The IDBI Executive preparation tips are essential for candidates who want to move ahead and accomplish their dreams.

1. First Go through the Previous Year Cut-off

By knowing the previous year's cut-off, you will become aware of the exam pattern and level of difficulty of the IDBI executive exam. The IDBI Executive Previous Year Cut Off assists the candidates in gauging the difficulty level of the exam and the competition posed by the exam.

2. Attempt Mock Test in a Smart Way

Attempt 1 mock test daily and go for its analysis on the same day. Once you've identified your weak spots, start working on them. Make an effort to understand all of the issues that are simple and easy to score. You can skip some of the topics that are tough for you.

3. Practice the Previous Year Paper

Go through the below link to download the previous year's paper. By solving it, you will get to know the exact level of your preparation and accordingly, you can start preparation. Practice IDBI Executive previous year paper  to analyze the exam pattern and the syllabus and get through the recruitment process.

While attempting mock tests, make sure that you manage your time well. Give 30 minutes to each section. Jump to the next subject as soon as the time span of each section finishes. Make a proper plan or schedule to study all the topics in the remaining days to clear this exam with good marks. As only three subjects are asked and only one test is there, so this is a great opportunity for you to crack this exam. For your help, we have designed an IDBI Executive test series based on the latest pattern. Practice it now & boost your preparations.

Sahi prep hai toh life set hai.

IDBI Executive Preparation Tips FAQs

  • The IDBI Executive preparation tips have been presented by the experts to assist the candidates in securing the accomplished dreams. and determining success. Make a proper plan and follow a full-proof strategy for the IDBI Executive 2022 exam. First focus on fundamental concepts and then practice question papers. At last attempt mock tests.

  • The important chapters under the Quantitative Aptitude for IDBI Executive exam are Average, Percentage, Interest, Partnership, Time work, Pipe & Cistern, Time speed distance, Ratio proportion. You must follow the IDBI Executive preparation tips as drafted by the experts to move ahead in the selection process.

  • For grammar cover, basic rules from any standard book, and for the vocabulary /comprehension part, make a habit of reading articles or newspapers on a daily basis. By following this strategy you can score well in the exam. It is of prime essentiality for the candidates to be in possession of the IDBI Executive preparation tips to be able to get through the selection process.

  • The reasoning ability section is merely a game of common sense and imaginary capability. So you need to first understand the inherent fundamental concepts and then practice as many questions as possible for the upcoming exam. The IDBI Executive preparation tips have been laid by the experts to assist the candidates in securing the desired position.

  • It is of high essentiality for the candidates to formulate an effective strategy to get through the selection process. You can get the detailed knowledge of the exam such as the exam pattern, syllabus and frame a effective and efficient strategy according to that. You can get versed with the IDBI Executive preparation tips as suggested by the experts to be able to strengthen your fundamentals and bring forth an effective startegy.

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