IDBI Assistant Manager Exam Preparation Strategy 2021: Subject-wise Expert's Tips

IDBI Assistant Manager Exam Preparation Strategy 2021: Subject-wise Expert's Tips

ByKanika Ralhan  |  Updated on: Aug 23, 2021
Read IDBI Assistant Manager exam 2021 official details here.

IDBI Assistant Manager Preparation Strategy 2021

IDBI Assistant Manager Exam Preparation Strategy 2021 - A subject-wise preparation strategy is an essential element of the preparation stage because it comprises a thorough exam strategy. Students who plan to take the IDBI Assistant Manager 2021 exam should plan a subject-wise strategy according to their strengths and weakness.

Here you will get a full-proof subject-wise preparation strategy prepared by BYJU'S Exam Prep experts for the upcoming IDBI Assistant Manager 2021 exam, which is going to be conducted on 4th September 2021.

Subject-wise Preparation Strategy for IDBI Assistant Manager 2021 Exam

1. Best Strategy to Prepare Reasoning for IDBI Assistant Manager Exam

Practice is crucial in this section. There are no formulas to remember in this section. Remember, you shouldn't start with puzzles unless you've done a lot of practice. Don't squander valuable time on a single problem. If you're spending too much time on one question, move on to the next. Always start with simple and high-scoring topics. Leave the time-consuming things for the end. The reasoning segment is easier than the other subjects if you have adequately practiced all of the key topics. Strong analytical skills are required to answer questions in this area, and "practice" is the key to enhancing your preparation.

The reasoning questions will be strictly logical. Try as many online mock tests as possible; regular practice will help you become an expert in this subject. Your ability to recognize the pattern of questions can only improve with practice.

2. Best Strategy to Prepare Quantitative Aptitude for IDBI Assistant Manager Exam

Many students believe quantitative ability to be the most challenging subject. However, with a thorough understanding of the concepts and enough study materials, this portion can be easily passed with flying colors.

For some questions, precise calculations aren't required. As a result, thinking about the options before answering the questions will save you time. Learn to use the table, squares, cubes, square roots, and percentage to fraction conversions (at least up to 50). Not only will this enhance your overall efficiency, but it will also help your approach to address Simplification/Approximation challenges.

3. Best Strategy to Prepare English for IDBI Assistant Manager Exam

In the banking examinations, the English section is broadly divided into 3 sections:

  1. Grammar
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Reading Comprehension.

In this section, the candidates are judged based on their reading, writing, and comprehension ability. The aspirants can follow some effective tips and tricks to improve the 3 aspects of the English language to score well in IDBI Assistant Manager 2021 exam.

Review the grammar rules first. Remember that you will not be able to recall all of the regulations. Now all you have to do is go over each rule with an example. Your memory will gradually memorize all of the regulations.

To improve your vocabulary or word power, read an English article and make a list of the new words you learned. Keep in mind that you should do this on your own for at least 6 months.

4. Best Strategy to Prepare GA for IDBI Assistant Manager Exam

It is critical for a student to categorize the sub-topics of this subject in order to properly prepare it. Divide the topics to be studied in GA into sub topics and prepare them one by one in the same way. This topic can be broken down into the following sections:

  • Static GK-This section covers themes such as Indian states and cultures, countries and their capitals and currencies, national parks and wildlife preserves, politicians and their constituencies, and so on.
  • Banking & Economy: Roles & Functions of RBI, NABARD, SIDBI, EXIM, NHB, Banking Exchange Rates, and other issues are covered in this topic.
  • Current Affairs: Includes all current events in India as well as the rest of the world. Politically or socially significant events become more noteworthy and are more likely to be asked about in the exam.

Here are some important links for preparation:

Expert Tips to Crack IDBI Assistant Manager 2021 Exam

1. Analyze the Previous Year Cut-off

You can learn about the exam format and difficulty level of the IDBI Assistant Manager exam by looking at the previous year's cut-off.

IDBI Assistant Manager Previous Year Cut Off

2. Mock test Attempt Strategy

  • Attempt mock test and analyze the same on the same day to take maximum benefit from this process,
  • Analyze and understand your weak points.
  • Work on the weak areas.

3. Practice the Previous Year Memory-based Papers

  • Download the previous year's paper using the link below.
  • By completing it, you will be able to determine your exact level of readiness and, as a result, you may begin preparing.

Practice IDBI Assistant Manager previous year paper

4. Try to Maintain Accuracy:

Make no compromises when it comes to accuracy. Only attempt questions if you feel really confident. This is one of the most prevalent blunders made by practically every pupil.

5. Do not Waste Time on a Specific Question:

Try not to spend too much time on a specific question. Instead, leave that question alone and move on to the next one, marking it for review.

Sahi prep hai toh life set hai.

IDBI Assistant Manager Preparation Tips FAQs

  • Make a proper plan and follow a full-proof strategy for the IDBI Assistant Manager 2021 exam. First focus on fundamental concepts and then practice questions. At last attempt mock tests.

  • For grammar cover, basic rules from any standard book, and for the vocabulary /comprehension part, make a habit of reading articles or newspapers on a daily basis. By following this strategy you can score well in the IDBI Assistant Manager 2021 exam.

  • The reasoning ability section is merely a game of common sense and imaginary capability. So you need to first understand the inherent fundamental concepts and then practice as many questions as possible for IDBI Assistant Manager 2021 exam.

  • The important chapters for IDBI Assistant Manager 2021 exam are Average, Percentage, Interest, Partnership, Time work, Pipe & Cistern, Time speed distance, Ratio proportion.

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