All about Static Awareness: Full Detail

By Kanika Ralhan|Updated : August 29th, 2018

Static Awareness

Dear Students,

Static Awareness is the most crucial part asked in examinations. It will make or break your chances to get qualified. The static awareness includes primarily National Parks, Dams, Capitals and Currency, International Organisation etc. The complete list of topics is mentioned below. We will upload the article at 6pm. Do Practice, Learn and make the notes out of it. We will provide the video links for important topics. Stay Tuned and Do your best.

TopicArticle LinkVideo LinkQuiz Link
Complete Bank Details: Headquarters, Taglines, ChairmanClick Here8 Questions || 3 Minutes
 National Parks & Wildlife SanctuariesClick HereClick Here8 Questions || 3 Minutes 
 Cabinet Ministers Constituencies: A Complete GuideClick Here5 Questions || 2 Minutes 
 Complete list of Governors in IndiaClick Here 5 Questions || 2 Minutes 
Complete list of Chief Ministers in IndiaClick Here -5 Questions || 2 Minutes 
Headquarters of International Organisations Part - 1Click Here -5 Questions || 2 Minutes 
Headquarters of International Organisations Part - 2Click Here  -  
Important Cities on Rivers BanksClick Here  
Art & Dance Part - 1Click Here  -  
Art & Dance Part - 2 (Festivals)Click Here  -  
Apps Launched by Banks Part - 1Click Here - 
Apps Launched by Banks Part - 2Click Here - 
Complete list on Currencies & CapitalsClick Here - 
Nuclear Power Plants & Thermal Power PlantsClick Here -  
Heritage Sites: A Brief OverviewClick Here -  
Important Dates: You should KnowClick Here- 
Dams Click Here- 
GDP Growth Rates of IndiaClick Here  


Click Here for Banking/Financial Awareness  

Click Here for Current Affairs 

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