A Winner Never Stops Trying: Piscine Molitor

By Neeraj Mishra|Updated : January 26th, 2018

This one’s a lengthy post through many incidents I have omitted.

I joined my College Institute in August 2007. It was April 2011 when I flunked my degree after developing a distaste for academic books. The whole education system felt flawed, the whole friendship circle good for nothing and the family’s aspirations, a burden of a lifetime. Still, something had to be done for this ‘Paapi Pait’ and crumbling mind.

It’s all a bit vague as to what exactly I have done since fifty-one months have passed after I left my College. Though, I pretty much remember some interesting incidents that altered my perception of things that mattered to me in the long run.

A Winner Never Stops Trying

Piscine Molitor (Salman Khan)

First of all, to get a job—even clerical—I appeared for IBPS Clerk in the month of November 2011. The result of it came in March 2012; my marks were 172/250, rendering me eligible for 1 year to appear in bank interviews. I tested my luck first in the UCO Bank and then in the Canara Bank but failed to make my selection in the final result. By that time, IBPS 2012 drive also came, nulling the 12th basis of selection even for clerk, thereby totally devastating my chances, if any.

But still, I appeared for Syndicate bank interview the next. That interview demotivated me totally to the point that it felt there’s no confidence left in me. CBI bank’s interview followed the next with much the same pattern: 170 marks candidates being selected and me not making myself to the final list. Perhaps the reason was my degree. Or I acted immaturely. Or I was medically stupid. I needed to learn much about life first.

I was at the tail end of my career graph.

I gave myself a break from learning this shit!

I devoted my time the next years + months in reading novels and roaming different places. I read ‘The Alchemist’, read ‘Life of Pi’, and fifty other novels, and came to know it wasn’t just I whose life is brimming with sufferings; everybody has his or her own struggle of which we have not the slightest idea. Now my heart was echoing to study with full vigour. Also:

1. My family was yearning for me to be well settled in my life.

2. I studied on an education loan the loan payments of which the bank has begun asking. Was hoping for to clear that as well.

3. For my degree, my parents took education loan. It’d be a waste if I don’t finish my degree.

4. I coveted to achieve big; big the way I used to dream when I was a kid.

I kicked off preparing myself for my semester exams. But to pick up academic books again after a gap of two years is quite a daunting task. Still, managed to clear two exams out of five in one go. June 2014 it was.

Thought of studying side by side for bank exams. Thought of joining a banking institute, so I went to Mahnedras. But it felt good for nought when they asked me to deposit some 9-10k Rs for the banking course. I thought better of it. I set out searching for websites where I can learn sitting at my home, free of cost. Many websites flashed; I chose BankersAdda.com

Taking inspiration from ‘Life of Pi’ novel,

I became ‘Piscine Molitor’

for this virtual world.

There, I came in contact with the like-minded people, most of all more miserable than me in their life. I sought to prepare in a relaxed manner till I complete my graduation and side by side to engage with others who as well were preparing for banking jobs.

Learning became involuntary; clarified my concepts in greater depths and details, prepared a few articles as well for other students who’re still having difficulty. I know how vulnerable it feels being not able to be what a person wants to be. I, though, ceased visiting BankersAdda as some boorish folks began ill-commenting me there. I felt my concentration divert by all those unproductive happenings.

In June 2015, when I was finishing the formalities to get my provisional certificate done so I can apply for SBI PO, Neeraj Sir was discussing plans with Deep and Shobhit Sir to formalize an ever new blog, GradeStack  (now Gradeup) at per latest banking sector trend to help the highly serious aspirants with their banking career. The blog came into effect on June 2015 at where I was offered a freelance job in June to conduct quant articles and quizzes. It was like killing two hawks with one arrow!

There I studied keeping SBI PO as my main target and all other exams as trivial. It was my first attempt at this SBI PO exam. I studied with full devotion under the proper and timely guidance of mentors Neeraj Sir and Deep Sir and my elder brother and my friends Abhishek, Raring_Utk and Gobua and Hiccup. I was on cloud nine when I saw my roll number among the list of those who are chosen for the SBI PO interviews.

I stopped by at my elder brother’s place to seek from him some valuable help for my interview preparation. Learning from the notes I gathered from my brother’s experience as a Branch Manager in the CBI Bank, and timely GK update and Interview/GD preparation articles regularly published at Gradestack (Gradeup) and active participation from a few friends from PagalGuy portal, I successfully managed to clear the GD/PI Stage in my first attempt.

My SBI PO 2015 Exam scores are as follows:

Objective + Descriptive: 139.50 out of 250

GD + PI: 45 out of 50

Final Score: 64.35 out of 100.

It wasn’t that I studied day and night or fretted learning impossible things; it’s just that I enjoyed whatever I managed. I just studied from the comforts of my home, sought suggestions from the erudite, and I guess that was more than sufficient.

Quite a lot of people personally inspired me on my way to where I stand now. My friend Abhishek, who cleared his degree and became a PO in his first attempt, helped me a lot with his personal last minute tips and what to remember sort of stuff. And my buddy Hiccup, the ever happy-no-matter-what type of guy with lots of twisted concepts who studied with me, or for me, I cannot say. And Biplab, my co-buddy, quite a lovely person. And Neeraj Sir, the ever helping and I’ll-be-there-for-you type of guy for all the bank related discussions. And Deep Sir whose valuable tips just before the interview spelt quite a charm.

The acknowledgement list would cross the barrier of this post if I began recalling the names of all the people I got inspiration from on my way to PO. Just letting you all know I forgot not a single person, and will never, ever.

More exams that I cleared besides SBI PO

1. RBI Assistant 2015 – Final selection, not join

2. RRB OS Scale I 2015 – Shortlisted for the interview, did not attend

3. SSC CGL 2015 – Couldn't clear mains. 

4. IBPS PO 2015 - Did not appear for Mains Exam.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for shaping me the person I am.



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