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By Arpit Kumar Jain|Updated : January 16th, 2019

Dear Aspirants,

Here, in this topic, we are discussing the nature and scope of science in a modern context by raising the relevant issues. Science through the improvement in its processes coupled with the invaluable efforts of its men known as scientists remains constantly busy in bringing changes in its body of knowledge, ways of investigation and the fruits of its investigation. Therefore, it becomes imperative to have up to date knowledge about the evolution, concept of nature and scope of the science.


Aims of Teaching science in our schools

  • Utilitarian Aim:
  • Intellectual or Mental Development Aim
  • Disciplinary aim
  • Cultural Aim
  • Moral Aim
  • Aesthetic Aim
  • Social aim
  • Vocational aim
  • Inter-Disciplinary aim
  • Problem-solving Aim

Difference between Aims and Objectives

The terms aims and objectives are usually taken as synonymous terms and used interchangeably. However, in a deep sense both differ significantly. The values or advantages that can be drawn by achieving a thing become our purposes or aims. We strive for the realization of the values or advantages by setting our goals and aims. Therefore, what can be expected in the form of advantages or values from the teaching of science make the very basis of the Aims of teaching purposes.

Objectives, in this way, are the ways and means of achieving the aims in a more practical and definite way. Consequently, objectives of science teaching may thus provide certain clear-cut well defined short term purposes or tasks before a science teacher at the time of teaching a particular topic or providing a particular type of learning experiences.

Meaning of the term Instructional Objectives     

At the time of imparting instruction, i.e, teaching learning of a particular lesson unit or sub unit of the object physical sciences, a teacher has to place before him some definite and very specific objectives for being attained within a specified classroom period and resources in hand.

In this way, the term instructional Objectives in relation to the teaching of science may be defined as a group of statements formulated by the teacher for describing what the pupils are expected to do or will be able to do once the process of classroom instruction is over.

Instructional Objectives are thus nothing but descriptions of the pupils terminal behavior expected out of the ongoing classroom instruction.

Concept of Entering and Terming Behaviour

The behavior of a learner at the point of entry ie before entering into the process of gaining learning experiences through a piece of instruction or teaching is termed as entering behavior.

In brief, we have to make a search for the level of potential possessed by a learner in terms of his Knowledge, understanding, application, interest and aptitudes. The result or output of our such search is thus named as the entry behavior of the to that particular piece of instruction or teaching.


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