Government Schemes: Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region

By Hemant Kumar|Updated : April 25th, 2020

Government Schemes launched by the Government of India with the aim of addressing the socio-economic welfare of the citizens of this nation. Such schemes play a very important role in solving many problems that beset Indian society and helps in achieving the goals to achieve welfare nation as enshrined in our Constitution. In this article, we will look at the complete list of schemes by the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region launched in past years along with their objectives and some important features of the scheme. This is very crucial for the preparation of UPSC and State PCS exams as the number of questions from the Government schemes have increased in recent years.

Government Schemes: Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region

North East Rural Livelihood Project (NERLP)

The objective is to  improve rural livelihoods especially that of women, unemployed youth and the most disadvantaged

  • North East Rural Livelihood Project (NERLP) improves livelihoods of about 300,000 households in 11 districts of Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, and Sikkim.
  • It is a multi-state livelihood project under the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region launched in 2012 aided by the World Bank.
  • The project focussed on five development strategies like social empowerment, economic empowerment, partnership development, project management, and livelihood & value chain developments.
  • It covers two districts of Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, and five districts of Tripura.

North East Road Sector Development Scheme

The main objective is to take up rehabilitation and construction with the up-gradation of neglected inter-state roads.

  • It will be administered and monitored in the Ministry of DoNER through an Empowered Inter-Ministerial Committee under the chairmanship of Secretary

North East Special Infrastructure Development Scheme (NESIDS)

The aim of the scheme is to create both physical infrastructure and social sectors infrastructure

  • It is a Central Sector Scheme
  • It will strengthen health care and education facilities in the region and will also encourage tourism and employment opportunities for local youth.

Hill Area Development Programme for Northeast

The objective is to provide attention to the lesser developed hilly areas

  • The scheme minimizes the gap between hill and valley district of states in terms of infrastructure, quality of roads, health, and education.

Digital Vision 2022Y

The objective of the vision is to create digital infrastructure in the northeast zone.

  • It is Launched under the Digital India program.
  • Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is the coordinating ministry for the scheme
  • It identifies eight digital thrust areas like digital empowerment, digital infrastructure, promotion of electronics manufacturing, digital payments, digital services, promotion of IT,  IT-enabled services including BPOs, innovation & startups, cybersecurity.

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