7 Tips to Prepare Data Analysis & Interpretation for SBI PO Main 2021-22

By Jyoti Bisht|Updated : December 23rd, 2021

Tips to Prepare Data Analysis & Interpretation for SBI PO Main 2021-22: SBI PO prelims exam is over now and the result has already been out. The students have already started their preparation for the SBI PO Main exam 2021-22. Through this post, we are going to discuss some important tips to solve Data Analysis & Interpretation section. Approximately 35 questions are asked from Data Interpretation & Analysis section (which replaces Quantitative Aptitude in SBI PO Main Exam) and they carry a total of 60 marks. This Data Analysis and Interpretation preparation strategy will help you understand the approach that you should follow for this section in the exam. 


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Candidates who make it through have been called for SBI PO Main 2021-22. The SBI PO Main 2021-22 exam is just around the corner. To score good marks, it is essential to understand the pattern of all the sections so that one can qualify for the Main exam with a better score. You must also solve SBI PO previous year's question papers. Let us now see how to prepare the Data Interpretation and Analysis section for SBI PO Main.

In this article, you will get SBI PO Data Interpretation & Analysis Section Pattern. SBI PO Data Interpretation & Analysis Section Syllabus. Preparation Tips for Data Interpretation & Analysis Section of SBI PO Main. Study Plan for Data Interpretation & Analysis Section of SBI PO Main Exam.

Go through it to understand the overall exam structure as well as the detailed syllabus of each section. Remember, there will be a ¼ negative marking for each wrong attempt, so be careful while attempting the questions if you wish to score well in the exam.

SBI PO Data Interpretation and Analysis Syllabus 

Questions in this section will be asked from the following topics - 

(1)  Tabular Presentation
(2)  Line Chart
(3)  Bar Chart
(4)  Pie Chart
(5)  Mixed DI
(6)  Paragraph/Caselet
(7)  Probability
(8) Data Sufficiency

Data Interpretation and Analysis Preparation for SBI PO Main 2021-22

Data Interpretation & Analysis section requires a lot of concentration and focus. The level of the questions ranges from being Moderate to Difficult. Before attempting the questions, one should look at the data or graph carefully, understand the small specifications and the type of questions asked in the exam.

Generally, Candidates have the following thoughts about Data Interpretation and Analysis:

  • How to maintain and increase speed to solve the data interpretation questions faster than others?
  • What are the best shortcut tricks to solve data interpretation questions in less time?

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SBI PO Main 2021-22 Data Interpretation and Analysis Preparation Tips

We have compiled some important tips, tricks, and the best preparation strategy for Data Interpretation and Analysis to answer the questions smarter away.

1. Master in calculations -

While appearing in SBI Po main exam the first step to improving  DI skills is to improve your calculations speed. Data Interpretation is one topic where you maintain both speed and accuracy to get a good score. To master in DI Section must be thorough -

  • Multiplication of three / two-digit numbers by three / two-digit numbers.
  • Learn Square roots of up to 4 digit perfect squares
  • Learn Cube roots of up to 6 digit perfect cubes
  • Practice well in Multiplication by 5, 25, 75, 125
  • Practice well in Division by 5, 25, 75, 125

Try to Practice all calculations mentally as far as possible, without taking a pen or paper.

2. Use Approximation in Calculations-

As we all know, In Data Interpretation a lot of calculation is involved in the form of averages, fractions, percentages, ratios, etc. Approximating helps end up doing silly mistakes and get an approx answer to the question in less time. In this section you also understand the effective use of Percentage to Fraction Conversion It helps us calculate faster in Exam.

3. Effective Analysis of given Data-

Some questions are framed in a way that one looks at the data and you will get the answer to the question. There are no typically long calculations involved.  It is the first and most important way of solving these problems, you need to first analyze the data through visual estimation and try to understand the problem.

4. Catch the right Data-

In Data Interpretation, you have to be careful to read data from the right spot. While collecting data from a Bar, chart, table, or graph it's quite easy to mistakenly copy numbers from the wrong graph, bar, or line. To avoid these silly mistakes while copying numbers, especially in the online exam, the first step is to understand the nature of given data and pay close attention to the units. (Units are in meters, Kg, seconds, Km/hr, percentage, parts per million, per thousand, ratios, etc).

You can attempt SBI PO main mock test with the SBI PO Test Series designed by the experts of BYJU's Exam Prep.

 5. Become familiar with all types of Data-

While solving Data Interpretation questions, you’ll notice that there are different types of questions in this section. Try to be familiar with all the types and format of Data Interpretation questions. It will add to your confidence and help you while you solving the actual DI questions.

6. Accuracy is the key factor-

It is an essential tool for clearing any Bank exam. Always try to attempt those questions in which you are 100% sure of your answers. Try to prevent any negative marking. Most of the Candidates believe that Speed is the key factor, but in reality, it is not. There are multiple factors that play important roles in SBI PO exam. Candidates, with average speed, have managed to perform wisely and have produced good marks by perfecting their Accuracy.

7. The key to success is Practice-

“Before anything else, practice is the key to success”. You should practice as much as you can. The only key to success is to solve the question in the given time and earlier than the others. This will help you solve tough questions with determination. Firstly, you build your basic concepts and the practice will give you the edge and enable you to just scan the data and give the answer. You need to practice quality questions matching the difficulty level of the exam

You can also go through the Data Interpretation Pattern of the SBI PO Main Exam for the previous year.  We hope that these tips will help you all in managing your time properly and also help you in getting good marks.


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  • The Data Analysis and Interpretation preparation strategies given in this post will assist you in comprehending the approach you should take for this section of the exam.

  • Data Analysis and Interpretation for SBI PO Main major topics are-

    Tabular Presentation, Line Chart, Bar Chart, Pie Chart,  Mixed DI, Paragraph/Caselet, Probability, Data Sufficiency

  • Right method to solve Data Analysis and Interpretation for SBI PO Main-

    To earn a decent grade on Data Interpretation, you must maintain both speed and precision. Approximating reduces the chances of making dumb mistakes and allows you to get a rough solution to the question in less time.

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