45 Days Preparation Strategy for NIACL Assistant Pre Exam 2018

By Kanika Ralhan|Updated : July 23rd, 2018

NIACL Assistant Recruitment notification was released earlier this month. Online registration for NIACL Assistant has already started and will close on 31st July 2018. Don't forget to fill up the NIACL Assistant application form if you haven't already. The preliminary exam of NIACL Assistant is scheduled tentatively on 8th and 9th September 2018. Today, we are sharing with you all 45 Days Preparation Strategy for NIACL Assistant Exam to help you prepare in a more disciplined manner.

NIACL Assistant 2018 - Preparation Strategy

Exam pattern for NIACL Assistant has changed from this year. NIACL Assistant Exam will now be conducted in 3 phases namely,

  1. Preliminary Exam
  2. Mains Exam
  3. Regional Language Test

Before we move further, it is essential that you have a clear idea of the exam pattern for the Prelims phase of NIACL Assistant Prelims Exam 2018.

S. No

Name of Test

No. of Questions

Maximum Marks



English Language



20 Minutes


Reasoning Ability



20 Minutes


Numerical Ability



20 Minutes





1 hour

You can also go through the syllabus of the prelims exam from the link below -

NIACL Assistant Exam Syllabus

Preliminary Exam, as we have been repeatedly saying, majorly aims to test your Speed.

We come across many queries regularly from students, asking about ways to improve their speed. Here we would like to mention, the only way to do this is Regular and Sincere practice. There is no other substitute for it. Clear your basics by going through them once. If you are still unclear on any concept, let us know, we’ll help you with it, but you need to take the initiative, You need to start studying regularly.

Now, as mentioned above, you have almost 45 days to prepare for this exam. We’ll divide the study plan into 2 phases.

  • Devote the first 20 days for going over the basic concepts of different topics. It is high time that you understand the essence of this exercise. Unless and until you are well aware of the basics of any topic, you cannot expect to do it properly. On the other hand, if you have a clear idea of the basic concepts, you’ll be able to attempt the questions, no matter in whichever way they are presented in front of you.
  • The remaining 25 days are meant for thorough practice. This phase will involve regular mock tests/ full-length tests to give you a clear picture of exactly where you are standing. After you give any mock test, make sure that you evaluate your performance. This will help you identify your strong and weak areas and you can select the questions accordingly in the exam, i.e., you can attempt questions from your strong areas first and then move on to other topics.
  • Make sure that you devote at least 6-7 hours regularly to your preparation. Be honest with yourself, only then you’ll be able to focus properly on your studies.

Now, let us have a look at the sectional strategies that you should follow in order to score well in this exam. But before that, here are a few pointers that will help you -

  • We have already discussed the syllabus of different sections. You can go through the link provided above in order to view it.
  • If you are not very comfortable with any particular topic or section, do not waste too much time on it. Prepare a few topics well to clear the cutoff of that particular section. But this method is feasible only when you have an excellent hold over at least 2 sections so that you clear the overall cutoff with sufficient margin.
  • Many of you are not able to perform properly in the exams, no matter how well you do it at home. To overcome this problem, it is imperative that you give full-length tests. The mock test will help you appear for the test in the similar interface as that of the exam and thus, prepare you accordingly.
  • Try to target at least 65-70 questions correctly in the prelims phase.
  • To work on your individual topics/ sections, you can go through the Daily quizzes. You’ll find the link under the Study tab at the bottom of the app. Make sure that you attempt these questions regularly. These will help you with a time-bound practice of different topics.

At first, let's discuss the list of important topics which you should study in the remaining time.

English LanguageNumerical AbilityReasoning Ability
Reading ComprehensionNumber SeriesSeating Arrangement & Puzzles
Para JumblesSimplificationCoding Decoding
Cloze TestApproximationCoding Inequality
Sentence CorrectionQuadratic EquationSyllogism
Error DetectionData InterpretationSeries (Numeric, Alphabetic, Symbolic)
FIllersData SufficiencyInput Output
VocabularyMiscellaneous(Profit & Loss, %, Time & Work, Time Speed and distance, Ratio, Partnership, etc.)Miscellaneous (Direction Sense, Blood Relation, Order, and Ranking, etc.)

Numerical Ability

  • This section is comparatively easy for those who are good at calculations. Again, you can work on it through regular practice.
  • Practice a lot of Number series questions and get familiar with the common patterns.
  • You have to strengthen your command over Simplification & Approximation topic, for this, try to learn the tables up to 25, squares up to 30 and cubes up to 20. It will save your calculation time and hence, increases your speed.
  • Practice is the only key which will help you understand the nature of the Data Interpretation questions. Practice various types of questions to check your preparation level. Check and match your solutions after attempting, you will get to know about your weak areas and then improve them accordingly
  • Understand the basics of all Miscellaneous questions. Practice them thoroughly as it consists of huge volume in the total number of questions. 
  • Practice sectional mock test on regular basis. 

Numerical Ability Study Notes

Reasoning Ability

  • Practice will play a crucial role in this section, because if you haven’t practiced well, you will end up spending a lot of time on questions, especially arrangements and puzzles.
  • The only way to have a command over Puzzles is thorough practice.
  • Also, make a good command over easy and marks scoring topics. Revise all the basic rules of the coding-decoding and practice its questions for deep understanding.  
  • Inequality, Alphanumeric symbol sequence series, blood relation, direction sense are easy topics. Practice them a lot.
  • Syllogisms are very easy to solve if you understand the process of drawing Venn diagrams. Praultsctce these questions and analyse your results
  • Be very careful with arrangement and puzzle based problems. Make sure that you draw the arrangement as you proceed with the question. It is essential that you read the question properly because a minute error could waste a lot of time in these questions.

Reasoning Ability Study Notes

English Language

  • First and foremost, read the question thoroughly to understand its requirement and then proceed accordingly. If you fail to understand what the question demands, it would be wise to skip it than waste time and marks over it.
  • Enhance your reading skills and practice a lot of questions.
  • Learn new words on daily basis and increase your command over vocabulary.
  • Practice all the above-mentioned topics on the regular basis. 
  • To score well in the reading comprehension topic, you have to strengthen reading habits. You can obtain good reading pace by reading English newspaper / English articles on a consistent basis. 
  • It is required to have good grammar knowledge. It will help you in attempting error spotting, sentence correction, and improvement, phrase replacement topics etc. Learn all the error spotting rules of each topic like articles, tenses, noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, and adverb etc.  To solve such questions, at first, read the given sentence carefully and spot grammatical errors by identifying something “sounds” wrong.
  • The topic Cloze test is all about understanding the context of the passage. To solve this, read the passage and choose options according to the theme of the passage.
  • Practice questions of para jumble topic regularly, it will help you in quickly finding the arrangement of the paragraph.
  • While attempting double fillers, there will be one blank which will be easy to identify and you can relate the second one accordingly. Practice various vocabulary based questions to have good understanding of words. 

Shape up of your vocabulary from Daily Wordlist

Idioms & Phrases

Weekly Editorial

Roots of English

Grammar Scholar

You can practice Quiz on different topics from the link given below:

Numerical Ability Quiz 

Reasoning Ability Quiz

English Language Quiz

Attempt NIACL Assistant Score Booster test to enhance your exam preparation in a much better way.

To boost your NIACL Assistant preparation, try NIACL Assistant Combo test series for practice and score well in the SBI PO  exam.

NIACL Assistant Combo Test Series 2018

All the best for your exams,
Team gradeup.


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