What was the aim of the Rowlatt act?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 4th, 2022

The main aim of the Rowlatt Act was to curtail the fundamental rights of Indian citizens. Rowlatt Acts is the legislation passed by the Imperial Legislative Council, the legislature of British India. These acts allowed certain political cases to be heard by no juries and allowed the internment of suspects without trial. Their goal was to replace the punitive provisions of the Defense of India War Act and permanent rights.

Rowlatt Act

  • The British passed the Rowlatt Act, referred to as the "Black Act."
  • Government in 1919, during the First World War. He was named after Rowlatt Committee Chairman Sir Sidney Rowlatt. The goal of enforcing this law was to quash the rebellion and root out the conspiracy against the British from India.
  • Any suspect could be arrested without a warrant and detained Indefinitely.
  • Jallianwala Bagh protest was organized on 13th April 1919, and General Dyer, with his troops, killed nearly 1000 people, and over 1200 were injured.


What was the aim of the Rowlatt act?

The Rowlatt act aimed to curb the fundamental rights of the citizens of India. The objective is to suppress Indian political activities by providing powers to the government. The Rowlatt Act authorized the British to arrest anyone suspected of conspiracy against the British Raj and could be sentenced to imprisonment for up to 2 years without any court.


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