What is the Work of a Tehsildar?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 6th, 2022

The work of a Tehsildar involves collecting land revenues, accompanied by revenue inspectors and also plays an important role in rural administration. He also oversees the land disputes of the designated area. His duties include that he ensures that all the records have been properly maintained. A Tehsildar is responsible for also looking after the work of the Patwari. Tehsildar makes sure that whatever records that the farmers need are easily provided to them, including the caste certificates to the students as and when required.

Who is a Tehsildar?

A Tehsildar is known as a tax officer responsible for collecting the land revenues while being accompanied by the revenue inspectors. They are responsible for collecting taxes from a tehsil with respect to the land revenue.

A Tehsildar is required to also oversee the work of the District Patwaris. The ones immediately junior to a Tehsildar are known as the Naib Tehsildar. Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar play a crucial role in revenue administration.

A Tehsildar is also known as the District Collector.

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  • A Tehsildar is also known as a District Collector.

  • A Tehsildar is responsible for collecting land revenue accompanied by the revenue inspectors, maintaining records, along with overseeing a Patwari’s work.

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