What is the Main Reason of Inequality in India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Poverty is the main reason for inequality in India. According to the United Nations (UN), inequality is the condition of not being equal, particularly regarding status, rights, and opportunities. It describes the unfair distribution of opportunities and resources among the people that make up a certain society. The word “inequality” may indicate different things to different individuals and in various settings.

Main Reason of Inequality in India

There are various kinds of inequality, but the social and economic disparity is the most noticeable in India. These two categories are intricately entwined, and inequality of one kind influences inequality of another. For example- Social inequalities based on gender significantly affect women’s income. There is often a sizable gender salary difference in patriarchal nations.

  • Social Inequality: Exclusion results from social injustice. Social inequality is a term used to describe patterns of uneven access to social resources. Social Inequality includes inequality based on caste, gender, education, access to social goods and services, access to opportunities, access to health care, quality housing, traveling, transportation, vacationing, etc.
  • Economic Inequality: Divergences in people’s wealth and income are called economic inequality. Factors like pay, wealth, and income may measure economic inequality.
  • Social structure: Inequality is caused by and made worse by the structure of society that assigns various duties to members of different castes, classes, or genders.
  • Unemployment: Because there aren’t enough jobs available, unemployment makes it easier for people to fall into a cycle of poverty. Inequality in society is growing as a result of poverty and unemployment.
  • Low education and skills limit people’s access to good occupations that will allow them to advance and fully engage in society, resulting in low-income levels that further contribute to income disparity.

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