What is the Full Form of PHC and CHC?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : June 29th, 2022

The PHC full form is Primary Health Center.

The CHC full form is Community Health Centres.

These are different healthcare facilities in India at rural and urban levels that provide fundamental medical facilities in different regions of the country at affordable rates.


The PHC full form is Primary Health Center and CHC full form is Community Health Centers

Primary Health Centre (PHC)

PHC full form stands for Primary Health Centres which are rural and urban level healthcare facilities owned by the state in India. Typically, they are small physician clinics containing facilities and infrastructure for minor surgeries. 

Community Health Centres (CHCs)

CHCs or Community Health Centres are generally non-profit organisations offering healthcare facilities depending on the requirements of the consumers. Most CHCs are composed of an interdisciplinary group of healthcare providers who make use of electronic health records. 

Features of PHC and CHCs

In developing nations like India or Afghanistan, the Primary Healthcare Center (PHC) is the most basic functional and structural unit of public health services. The aim of PHCs was to offer inexpensive, and accessible primary healthcare services, as proposed by the Alma Ata Declaration of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1978.

Furthermore, the first-ever CHC was established in Ontario, Canada in 1926 at the Mount Carmel Clinic. 


What is the Full Form of PHC and CHC? 

The PHC full form is Primary Health Centres that are state-owned healthcare facilities at either urban or rural levels. The CHC full form is Community Health Centres that are private or non-profit organisations offering medical facilities based on the impact of the consumers.

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