What is the Use of ALT F4?

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

If you are friendly with computers or have attended the computer class in your school, then undoubtedly you are familiar with the use of ALT F4. In case you are new to computers then after reading this page, you will get to know all about the use of this shortcut command.

ALT F4 or ALT+F4 is the shortcut command that is being used in windows PC or laptops to close the running applications or other programs. If you are a laptop user then you have to use the fn+Alt+F4 command to do the same.

Important Shortcut Commands for Beginners

  • Alt+f4 – To Close the selected program.
  • Crtl+Alt+Del – Open Task Manager.
  • Shift+ Del – Permanent Delete
  • Crtl+C – To copy selected things
  • Crtl+V- To paste selected files.

What to do When ALT+F4 Not Working?

Majorly three issues that can bother this command. The first one is a technical hardware issue and the second one is you have not selected the program, you want to close. So, check once and then do it again. The third reason is that Windows is not in responding mode. In such a case, you have to wait till it is back again in responding mode.


What is the Use of ALT F4?

ALT F4 shortcut command is used to close the current window in the computer. Also, if there is no window selected then you will get a prompt with the options of Shut Down, Sleep mode, Lock, and Restart the Computer. It was firstly introduced in Windows 1.0 in the year 1980.

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