WBCS Prelims Last Minute Preparation Tips, Important Strategy for Exam

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

WBCS Prelims Last Minute Preparation Tips are always helpful for the aspirants, who will appear in the upcoming WBCS Prelims on 19 June 2022. WBCS Prelims 2022  Last Minute Preparation Tips will ease the stress in the eleventh-hour preparation of all students.

Exam stress and anxiety are the most common phenomena among students and aspirants who prepare for competitive exams. Though WBCS 2022 Exam is considered one of the toughest exams to crack due to its success rate, with a positive mindset and the right approach, it can be cracked easily. 



Important Points for the WBCS Prelims 2022

  • With less than a week left for the WBCS Prelims 2022, this time should be utilized effectively. 
  • No new study material should be studied at this time. Consolidate your knowledge according to the WBCS Syllabus, and the WBCS Books needed for the exam. 
  • Check the attempted previous mocks and practices of WBCS Previous Year Questions thoroughly.
  • Before the WBCS Prelims, check the admit card for important instructions. The WBCS Admit Card is released on the official website of the Commission.
  • Have faith in yourself and do not lose hope. Even if you fail to clear the cutoff, learn from your mistakes and prepare again with full confidence and dedication.

WBCS Prelims Last Minute Preparation Tips 2022

1. Be Positive

The WBCS Exam is a test of your confidence and persistence. Confidence comes with proper preparation. By the time exam gets closer, generally, candidates get anxious about the exam. This should be avoided at all costs. Try not to study a day or two before the exam. Have confidence in yourself. Spend quality time with your family and try to be positive and in a happy state of mind. 

2. Stay Fit

Aspirants neglect their health during the WBCS preparation. Always remember, a healthy mind is possible only through a healthy body. Physical health boosts your mental performance. You can do yoga or meditation or any recreational activity that uplifts your mood. 

3. Keep your mind calm

The time is stressful and anxious before the Prelims. You have done what you could all through the year. Now, just relax and keep yourself calm. 

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5. Check in your exam center 

It is always advisable to check in your WBCS Prelims 2022 exam center well in advance before the actual WBCS Exam Date. This will keep away you from the last-minute rush. Keep all essentials like the WBCS Admit Card, black ballpoint pen, and photo ID proof like Adhar Card, Two Copy Passport Size photos and, mask in your bag.

6. Carry a water bottle

The WBCS Prelims will conduct on 19 June. The summer heat may sometime affect the candidate. Keep a transparent water bottle with you in the examination hall. You can carry glucose water also.

7. Eat Healthy & Stay Healthy

With COVID affecting our lifestyle, try avoiding unhealthy habits. Wear a mask, and carry sanitizer with you in the exam hall. Eat only protein-rich food, citrus, and seasonal fruits & vegetables during the preparation phase. Avoid junk, sugary or outside food at least a week before the exam. 

8. Sound sleep

Most student prefers late-night studies. Everyone has their comfort zone also. However, this should be avoided before the last week of your exam. A Proper 8 hours of sound slip is always essential to ace your target smoothly.

9. Bubbling in the OMR Sheet

Wait for the invigilator’s instructions before bubbling the details in the OMR Sheet. There is enough time to bubble details, so be mindful, and bubble carefully. Don’t feel shy to ask any doubt regarding the bubbling details.

For marking the answers in the OMR Sheet, try doing it simultaneously as you attempt the questions. Check after 10 questions whether you are filling the answers correctly or not. Do not leave it for the end of the exam. The use of whitener is prohibited in the WBCS Exam, so one should be very careful while bubbling the answers.

10. Read questions carefully

2.5 hours for WBCS Prelims 2022 is more than sufficient for the Prelims. When you get hold of the WBCS Question Paper, give the first glance through the questions. Start answering from the first question itself, and leave questions for last in which you have doubt. Read the question carefully and allot time proportionately. You have 150 min to answer 200 questions, so keep at least 15 minutes for revision of the paper at the end. Many aspirants commit mistakes while answering, even though they know the answer. This is mainly due to the lack of observance during the exam.

The WBCS Prelims 2022 is just like any other competitive exam, and if prepared well, can be cracked in the first attempt itself.

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