WBCS Chemistry Optional Syllabus PDF: Download Paper 1, 2 Syllabus PDF in Bengali

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

WBCS Chemistry Syllabus is suitable for students taking chemistry in the WBCS Exam. Keep in mind that students who have done graduation or master’s with chemistry as their main subject can choose this subject as optional. To answer the questions from WBCS Chemistry Syllabus requires a prior understanding of this subject. So candidates of other backgrounds may find this subject a bit tough.

The exam consists of two papers (Paper 1 and Paper 2). Both the papers are 200 marks and of descriptive type. The two papers take place on the same day. This article will share detailed information about WBCS Chemistry Syllabus and the required booklist and preparation strategy for this subject.

Download WBCS Chemistry Syllabus PDF

The WBCS Exam aspirants who are selecting Chemistry as their optional subject must read the syllabus carefully before starting their preparation. WBCS Chemistry Syllabus mainly focuses on the topics like Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding, Chemical Bonding, States of Matter, Thermodynamics, Coordination Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, etc. Below we have provided WBCS Chemistry Optional Syllabus PDF so that candidates can download it and print out it as a hard copy.

☛ WBCS Chemistry Syllabus PDF, Download Now

WBCS Chemistry Syllabus

Now, we will discuss WBCS Chemistry Syllabus in detail. There is a total of six groups in the complete syllabus. The first three Groups are for Paper 1, and the remaining three are for Paper 2. Some parts of the syllabus have overlapped with the General Science syllabus of the WBCS Exam. Candidates can also check the WBCS Syllabus 2022.

WBPSC WBCS Chemistry Syllabus

Paper – I :

Group A 

1. Atomic Structure

2. Chemical Bonding

3. Acid-Base & Redox Reactions 

4. Chemical Periodicity


5. Gaseous State and Transport Phenomenon 

6. Liquid State 

7. Solid State 

8. Thermodynamics 


9. Aromaticity

10. Study of Mechanisms

11. Organic Reaction

12. Organic Spectroscopy

Paper – II :


1. Coordination Chemistry 

2. Bio-Inorganic Chemistry 

3. Organometallic Chemistry 

Group – B 

5. Phase-equilibria and solutions 

6. Surface phenomena, catalysis, and polymers 

7. Chemical Kinetics 

8. Photochemistry and spectroscopy

Group – C 

9. Configuration and conformation 

10. Chirality and stereoselectivity 

11. Organic Synthetic methods 

12. Pericyclic and photochemical reactions 

WBCS Chemistry Syllabus in Bengali

এখন, আমরা WBCS Chemistry Syllabus নিয়ে বিস্তারিত আলোচনা করব। সম্পূর্ণ সিলেবাসে মোট ছয়টি গ্রুপ রয়েছে। প্রথম তিনটি গ্রুপ পেপার 1 এর জন্য, এবং বাকি তিনটি পেপার 2 এর জন্য। সিলেবাসের বেশ কিছুটা অংশ WBCS পরীক্ষার সাধারণ বিজ্ঞানের সিলেবাসের সাথে ওভারল্যাপ হয়ে যায়।

WBPSC WBCS Chemistry Syllabus in Bengali

পেপার– I :

গ্রুপ A 

1. পারমাণবিক গঠন

2. রাসায়নিক বন্ধন

3. অ্যাসিড-বেস এবং রেডক্স বিক্রিয়া

4. রাসায়নিক পর্যায়ক্রমিকতা

গ্রুপ -B 

5. গ্যাসীয় অবস্থা এবং পরিবহন 

6. লিকুইড স্টেট

7. সলিড স্টেট

8. তাপগতিবিদ্যা

গ্রুপ -C

9. অ্যারমিসিটি

10. মেকানিজম 

11. জৈব বিক্রিয়া

12. জৈব স্পেকট্রোস্কোপি

পেপার– II :

গ্রুপ -A 

1. কো-অর্ডিনেশন রসায়ন

2. জৈব-অজৈব রসায়ন

3. অর্গানোমেটালিক রসায়ন

গ্রুপ – B 

5. ফেজ-ভারসাম্য এবং দ্রবণ

6. সারফেস ফেনোমেনা, ক্যাটালাইসিস এবং পলিমার

7. রাসায়নিক গতিবিদ্যা

8. ফটোকেমিস্ট্রি এবং স্পেকট্রোস্কোপি

গ্রুপ – C 

9. কনফিগারেশন এবং গঠন

10. চিরালিটি এবং স্টেরিওসেলেক্টিভিটি

11. জৈব সিন্থেটিক পদ্ধতি

12. পেরিসাইক্লিক এবং ফটোকেমিক্যাল বিক্রিয়া

WBCS Chemistry Syllabus- Preparation Strategy

Since chemistry is a core science subject, it is possible to secure a high score in it. If we look closely at the WBCS Chemistry syllabus, we will realize that almost every topic has numerical-type questions. It is recommended to aspirants that they should follow WBCS Exam Preparation Strategy. If we answer these problems accurately, we can get full marks. To boost your preparation, we have shared an effective preparation strategy below.

  • Your first task will be to go through the previous year’s questions and, from there, identify the most important topics in the WBCS Chemistry Syllabus, which are frequently asked in the previous years.
  • As it is a core science subject, it is very important to clarify each topic’s concepts. Because if the concept is not clear, questions will be difficult to answer, mainly numerical-type questions.
  • It would be best if you gave adequate attention to revision. Because if you don’t revise frequently, you will start forgetting the concepts.
  • The next most important task is making notes and solving many numerals questions from any standard book and the previous year’s papers.

Best Books for WBCS Chemistry Syllabus

You must read some standard books to clear your concepts and complete the WBCS Chemistry Syllabus properly. We have listed some books from the WBCS Book List for aspirants appearing in the exam. Below is a list of some important books for the WBCS Chemistry Optional Syllabus. These books are enough to score well in this exam and clear your chemistry foundation.

Best Books To Cover WBCS Chemistry Syllabus

Principles of Physical Chemistry 

B.R. Puri, L.R. Sharma, M.S. Pathania

Physical Chemistry

KL Kapoor

Inorganic chemistry

Huheey & Keiter

Organic Chemistry


Advanced Organic Stereochemistry


Handwritten Printed Notes

Abhijeet Agarwal 

Strategy to Score Good Marks With WBCS Chemistry Syllabus

The aspirants who have applied for WBCS Group A and B have to give one optional paper. It is necessary to check the WBCS Exam Pattern 2022. Being a science subject, every topic in the WBCS Chemistry Syllabus is very conceptual, and getting full marks on most of the questions in the exam is not impossible. If you can finish the syllabus properly with a smart approach, this subject will ensure a handsome score in the WBCS Exam. Below we have shared some smart tips to cover the syllabus in the best possible way.

  • You must make a proper study plan to complete the whole WBCS Chemistry Syllabus before the Exam. You should include a good amount of time for revision in your study plan.
  • Whenever a chapter is completed, you have to solve the previous year’s questions from that chapter. Follow the question pattern and determine which part should be emphasized the most.  It is very necessary to have WBCS NCERT books  for preparation. 
  • It would help if you gave daily mock tests. By taking mock tests, students can identify their weak and strong areas and modify their studies accordingly.
  • Besides the theory portion, Chemistry includes many chemical equations, chemical formulas, and mathematical calculations. The only way to get good at them is through constant practice. 

The WBPSC conducts the WBCS exam for the most prestigious government posts in West Bengal. Remember that current affairs play a vital role in exams like the WBCS; candidates can take the help of Daily current affairs. Last but not least, only hard work will not take your success; smart work is the key to success.

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