Who Wrote Panchatantra?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Vishnu Sharma wrote Panchatantra. When we talk about Indian literature, it is hard to miss the Panchatantra series which is a collection of Indian fables fit for children. It is a series of five books that consist of multiple stories talking about morals and ethics. And while the books are hugely popular in India, not many people know who wrote Panchatantra. The answer to this question is the famous Indian scholar Vishnu Sharma.

Writer of Panchatantra

Vishnu Sharma wrote the Panchatantra series. The word ‘Panchatantra’ is made of 2 words, ‘Panch’ means 5 and ‘tantra’ means principles or practices. The Panchatantra series consists of short stories or animal fables that are meant to impart good values and wisdom to children. The origin of the books dates back to the time of King Amarashakti who is believed to have hired the scholar Vishnu Sharma to teach good governing skills to his children.

  • Vishnu Sharma came up with an innovative way to teach the princes through animal fables.
  • He created this method to engage the princes who were otherwise easily distracted and bored.
  • Therefore, it was Vishnu Sharma who wrote Panchatantra that would go on to teach good values to children for centuries.


Who Wrote Panchatantra?

It was the Indian Scholar named Vishnu Sharma who wrote Panchatantra after King Amarashakti asked him to educate his children and impart good governing skills to them. Sharma took this task and came up with the idea of teaching the princes through storytelling. Thus, he created animal fables that had strong moral values and were entertaining enough to engage the kids.

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