Who Decides the Salary of the Attorney General of India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The salary of the Attorney General of India is decided by the honourable President of India. It depends upon the nature of the work. The President of India reserves the right to determine the remuneration that an Attorney General of India may receive.

Attorney General of India Salary

The honorable President of India decides upon the salary of the Attorney General of India. This directly implies that the remuneration of the Attorney General is actually determined by the Government of India.

The primary duty of the Attorney General of India is to give legal advice to the Government of India which makes him a representative of the GoI in all courts of law as well. Being confidential information, there is not much detailed information related to the salary of the Attorney General of India:

Nature of Work Fees of the Attorney General
Appearance in Courts outside Delhi ₹40,000/- per day per case
For use as a written argument before the Supreme Court, the High Court, inquiry commissions, tribunals, and other similar bodies ₹10,000/- per case
For providing comments on case statements sent by the Ministry of Law ₹10,000/- per case
Settling Statement of Case ₹6,000/- per case
Settling pleadings (including affidavits) ₹5,000/- per pleading
Applications and other petitions for special leave ₹5,000/- per case per day
Article 143 suits, writ petitions, appeals, and references ₹16,000/- per case per day

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