Which is the Largest Commercial Bank of India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

State Bank of India (SBI) is the largest commercial bank of India. A commercial bank is a financial institution that carries all the operations around the withdrawal and deposit of money, giving loans to people for investing and much more. Simply put, these banks are profit-making institutions that work only to generate profits.

Largest Commercial Bank of India

The headquarters of the State Bank of India, the largest commercial bank of India, is located in the city of Mumbai in Maharashtra. This public-sector bank is a profit-driven enterprise that has 57 zonal offices and 16 regional hubs spread all over India.

Moreover, SBI has spread its reach over 7 other banks since 1960. These banks used to be the regional banks of the former princely states of India. Now, these banks are renamed as:

  • State Bank of Indore or SBN.
  • State Bank of Mysore or SBM.
  • State Bank of Patiala or SBP.
  • State Bank of Saurashtra or SBS.
  • State Bank of Hyderabad or SBH.
  • State Bank of Travancore or SBT.
  • State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur or SBBJ.

Functions of the Bank:

As stated above that the State Bank of India is the commercial bank in India. Contrary to what happened earlier, a bank is now involved in several kinds of activities that come under bank activities now. Let’s find out what are the functions of a commercial bank:

  • Crediting cash
  • Accepting cash deposits
  • Providing loans as well as advances
  • Providing locker facilities
  • Paying and collecting the credit
  • Overdraft facility
  • Buying and selling securities
  • Discounting the exchange bills


Which is the Largest Commercial Bank of India?

India’s largest commercial bank is the State Bank of India (SBI). SBI is a public sector bank and a profit-making organization that provides its facilities to the general public of India. The 57 zonal offices and 16 regional hubs of this for-profit public sector bank are dispersed across India.

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