Easternmost Point in India is ______

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Easternmost Point in India is Kibithu. The town’s name in Arunachal Pradesh’s Anjaw district is alternatively spelled Kibithoo. It is one of India’s oldest continuously inhabited towns and is situated at 28°16′49′′N 97°01′04′′E on the LAC (line of actual control). It is located on the final road head leading into northeastern India.

Easternmost Point in India

India’s easternmost point is Kibithu, in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. It is a little community that is 3,350 feet above sea level. It is situated as the last road junction before entering northeastern India. The Lohit River enters India at Kibithu.

  • In China, Kibithu and Tibet share a border. Kibithu is located on the right bank of the potent Lohit River.
  • The worst clashes between India and China on the frontier occurred in 1962.
  • On the LAC, it is one of India’s permanently populated towns that is the furthest east.
  • It is located about 40 km west of Diphu Pass near the India-China-Myanmar tri-junction, about 15 km south of the India-China LAC (Kaho), and about 70 km north of the district headquarters in Hawaii.
  • At Kaho, the Lohit River enters India to the north of Kibithu. The Walong airstrip in Walong is 20 km away and has the closest air connectivity.
  • Ghuar Mota, located in the Gujarati region of Kutch, is India’s westernmost point. It is close to the controversial Sir Creek and the Koteshwar temple at 23.713°N 68.032°E.


Easternmost Point in India is ___

Kibithu is the Easternmost Point of the Nation. The town’s name in the Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh is also spelled Kibithoo. Located at 28°16′49′′N 97°01′04′′E on the LAC, it is one of the Oldest Continuously Inhabited Towns in India (line of actual control).

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