What is the Difference Between Port and Harbour?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The difference between Port and Harbour lies in their function; Port is a place used for trading goods, while Harbour is for securing boats. A port is a body of water used for commercial purposes to convey ships and their cargo. On the other hand, Harbour is a channel along the shoreline where ships and other watercraft can be parked or rented. A port has cranes, forklift trucks, warehouses, and dockyards.

Difference Between Port and Harbour

Ports and Harbours frequently serve comparable administrative functions, development, industry, and trade functions. A port provides numerous ship-friendly facilities. A Harbour can emerge naturally or can be artificially made by man.

So, take a look at the table below to quickly the Difference Between Port and Harbour.

Port Harbour
A port is a location where boats and ships may dock and transfer passengers and freight to and from land. A Harbour is a location near the coast where water yachts can be landed for protection from inclement weather.
It is a zone for docking, traffic, and storage of boats. It is a location for storing ships.
Ports are created artificially by man. They can be natural or man-made.
They play an important role in importing and exporting products and cargo to and from countries. They want to be protected from nasty weather.
It is a safe place for ships. It is a shelter for ships.
Available easily. It may or may not be available.

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