What is the Abstract Noun of Dark?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The abstract noun of dark is darkness. Abstract nouns are used to describe or denote entities that cannot be seen or touched. They are used to describe intangible ideas, concepts, traits, feelings, and experiences. This can include different abstract terms related to science, character, beauty, love, and time.

Abstract Noun of Dark

A noun that “denotes something immaterial and abstract” is known as an abstract noun. The idea that abstract nouns refer to things that cannot be experienced through the five senses is another typical way to view them. A sentence’s subject or object can be an abstract noun, just like other nouns.

Abstract nouns are not supposed to represent any concrete objects but only physically absent entities. Such things include feelings, emotions, danger, happiness, risk, etc. As an illustration, the following sentence’s subject is the abstract noun “angry.” Anger is not a useful reaction to criticism.

Now, let’s take a look at more examples of abstract nouns to understand them better. Here are a few common abstract nouns – glory, freedom, honour, courage, puritanism, truth, charity, bravery, anxiety, confidence, and more.


What is the Abstract Noun of Dark?

Darkness is the abstract noun of the dark. Abstract nouns are used to describe immaterial objects and ideas that cannot be seen or touched. Honesty, truth, confidence, bravery, courage, and freedom are some additional examples of abstract nouns.

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