State the Main Limitations of Statistics

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The main limitations include that statistics laws are true on average, are best applicable to quantitative data, and errors are possible in statistical decisions. Data collection, organisation, analysis, and presentation are all topics covered by statistics. The primary goal of using statistics is to prepare the acquired data for experimental designs and statistical surveys.

Main Limitations of Statistics

Regarded as an area of mathematics that deals with statistics and numerical data. Statistics is a critical step in making a decision based on data.

  • Statistics generally follow their laws.
  • Statistical methods are more suitable for results that require quantification.
  • Statistics cannot be used for diverse data.
  • Statistical findings may be deceptive if proper care is not taken when collecting, analyzing, and interpreting the data.
  • Only someone with expert knowledge of statistics can handle statistical data successfully.
  • Conclusions drawn from statistics may contain some flaws.
  • These mistakes are frequent, especially in inferential statistics.
  • The study of qualitative statistics is not appropriate for the field of statistics because it is primarily a science that deals with a set of numerical data.
  • It can be applied to quantitative metrics research.
  • Qualitative traits like leadership, integrity, poverty, intelligence and other characteristics cannot be quantified, and statistical analysis cannot be used to directly analyse these qualitative phenomena.


State the Main Limitations of Statistics

The main drawbacks are that statistical laws are typically accurate, work best with quantitative data, and mistakes can occur while making statistical judgments. Statistics include data gathering, organisation, analysis, and presentation.

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