What are the Peculiar Features of Nazi Thinking?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The Peculiar Features of Nazi Thinking include great belief in living space, Lebensraum, and racial hierarchy. There was a ladder at the base of the race. Jews were at the bottom, while Nordic German Aryans were at the top. He was of the view that the right to rule and survive should be confined to the strongest caste only. Along with this, he believed that new territories would have to be acquired to increase Germany’s natural resources and power.

What is Nazi Thinking?

According to this view, there are only those species left on earth that can adapt themselves to the changing climatic conditions. According to him Darwin never supported human intervention, which was absolutely a natural process of selection.

However, racist thinkers and politicians used Darwin’s ideas to justify imperial rule over conquered peoples. The strongest race would survive and the weakest would perish, the logic of Nazis was as simple as that.

Peculiar Features of Nazi Thinking

The Aryan race was superior. The peculiar features of Nazi thinking are mentioned below:

  • There was a racial hierarchy without equality between people.
  • The ideology of the Nazis and Hitler’s worldview were synonymous.
  • The highest caste were blue-eyed, white people and Nordic German Aryans.
  • According to Nazi thinking, the lowest caste was Jews.
  • He believed that all the Jews were the arch-enemies of the Aryans.
  • They believe in the idea of ​​a geopolitical concept, Lebensraum, or living spaces.
  • To increase Germany’s natural resources and power, it would have to acquire new territories, especially in the East.
  • They consider Nordic German Aryans desirable. They only wanted a Nordic German Aryan society.
  • From 1933 to 1938 Jews were segregated, impoverished, and terrorized by the Nazis.
  • They killed Jews in gas chambers in some areas of Poland.

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