What are the Different Types of Electoral Systems?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The different types of Electoral Systems include Plurality electoral systems, Majority electoral systems and Proportional representation. These are three different types of electoral systems in use around the world. An electoral system, also known as a voting system, is a set of rules that govern how elections and referendums are held and how their outcomes are determined.

Types of Electoral Systems

Elections are an integral part of democracy. Since India is a democratic country, people will understand the below-mentioned points. Understand the Types of Elections in India that are conducted for all levels of government.

Plurality electoral systems

  • The candidate who receives the most votes (declared the victor) wins the seat.
  • It is also known as first-past-the-post voting or “winner-takes-all.”
  • For example, The United States primarily uses a plurality election system.

Majority electoral systems

  • In a plurality system, the victor must receive more than 50% of the votes to prevail.
  • But they do under a society where the majority rules.
  • Systems requiring a majority, or 50%+1 votes, are called “second ballot” systems.
  • If none of the candidates achieves support, a second election takes place.

Proportional representation

  • The most popular election system today is called proportional representation (PR).
  • It converts the proportion of all votes a political party receives into the number of seats that party will hold in the legislature.
  • For instance, a party will hold 40% of the seats in parliament if they earn 40% of the vote.
  • The number of seats a political party will hold is determined by the number of votes cast for the party.


What are the Different Types of Electoral Systems?

The different types of electoral systems are Plurality electoral systems, majority electoral systems, and proportional representation. All the electoral systems illustrate the layout of the Election Commission of India, list its duties, and cover the election process.

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