The Palk Strait lies between the Countries

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The Palk Strait lies between Tamil Nadu (State Of India) and the Jaffna District of the Northern District (Srilanka). It directly connects the Bay Of Bengal (Northeast) to Pak Bay (Southwest). Several rivers flow into the Palk Strait, such as the ‘Vaigai river in Tamil Nadu. As it was structured in the period of ‘Company Raj’, the ‘Palk Strait’ was named after the governor of Madras ‘Robert Palk’.

Countries where Palk Strait Lies

In 1914, the Palk strait used a railway for regular trains from Madras/Chennai to the destination Dhanushkodi. It was also a ferry to Talaimannar, based on Mannar Island in Sri Lanka, and then a train to Colombo. In 1964, a cyclone occurred and destroyed Dhanushkodi and the whole railway causing severe damage along the shores of Palk Bay and Palk Strait.

None of the places, except Dhanushkodi, and the railway from Talaimannar to Mahawilachchiya got rebuilt. The striking feature of the Palk Strait is that the waves encircling it are of high contrast. Some of the features of the Palk Strait are as follows:

  • It has enormous waves around it.
  • The waves of the Bay of Bengal are mostly swelled up.
  • The waves of the Palk Way are sea waves.
  • The average wave height in Palk Bay is around 0.5 meters.

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