The Name of the First Cyber Crime Prevention Unit of India is _____

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The name of the first cybercrime prevention unit in India is AASHVASTA. It was inaugurated in January 2020 by Mr. Amit Shah. Cybercrime refers to criminal activity that involves a computer and a network is called Cybercrime. Examples of modern-day cybercrime are ransomware, phishing, data breaches, etc. Cybercrime is carried out by targeting loopholes in online systems, networks, and infrastructure.

First Cyber Crime Prevention Unit of India

The ways to protect your data and crucial information on the internet are referred to as cybercrime prevention. The first cybercrime prevention unit established in India is AASHVAST. It includes various practices such as keeping the operating system and software updated, using strong passwords, ignoring links, emails, etc. from untrusted sources, using antivirus, becoming social media savvy, securing your wireless network, protecting your e-identity, securing your mobile devices, etc.

Cyber AASHVAST: Full Form & Other Details

AASHVAST was inaugurated by the Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah on 10 January 2020 in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The full form of Cyber AASHVAST is – Cyber Assured Assisted Service to Help Victims at the Shortest Distance. More information pertaining to the AASHVAST scheme is listed below

  • It is an online portal to pay e-Challan and Cyber Crime Prevention Unit.
  • It will help in curbing cybercrime with the assistance of VISHWAS and NETRANG.
  • A dedicated online portal will have the service helpline number for the victims of cyber crimes.
  • It will monitor, prevent and control cyber crime in the state.


The Name of the First Cyber Crime Prevention Unit of India is _____

AASHVAST is the first cybercrime prevention unit in India. It is a unit that is designed to prevent and monitor cybercrime happening in the country. It is an initiative to control the number of internet frauds and to help people protect themselves while using the internet. It is also a portal where one can pay e-challans.

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