Ox bow lakes are found in

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Ox bow lakes are found in River valleys. These are located in an abandoned meander loop of a river channel that forms a crescent or U shape. These lakes are formed over time as erosion and deposition of soil change the river’s course. After a point of time, the meander loop cuts off from the river, thus, resulting in the formation of an oxbow lake.

Ox Bow Lake

The largest Ox bow lake is found in North America, Lake Chicot, located near Lake Village, Arkansas. It used to be a part of the Mississippi River. It was Horseshoe Lake, the namesake for the town of Horseshoe Lake, Arkansas. Here are some examples of various places where Oxbow lakes are found.

  • Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary, India
  • Bole and Burton Round in West Burton, Nottinghamshire, England
  • Carter Lake, Iowa
  • Cuckmere Haven in Sussex, England
  • The Oxbow, a four-kilometre (2+1⁄2-mile) bend in the Connecticut River
  • Oxbow lakes on New Zealand’s Taieri River
  • There are many oxbow lakes alongside the Mississippi River and its tributaries.
  • Reelfoot Lake in west Tennessee


Ox bow lakes are found in

In a river valley is where an Ox bow lake is found. Oxbow lakes are curves or meanders in a river. These are still water lakes that are often rich in wildlife habitat. In India, you can now find an oxbow lake in Vynthala lake which is in Kerala. Other than this, the largest Oxbow is Lake Chicot on the east side of Lake Village, Arkansas.

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