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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The Indian government initiated the Khelo India Programme or Khelo India Scheme to improve the performances of team India in Olympics Sports. This is because there is immense talent at the grassroots level, which due to a lack of opportunities, cannot come up. In 2017 the central government proposed a revised khelo India programme to the parliament. The modification was made to encourage both widespread participation and athletic excellence. On the other side, the strategy was created to address a more significant problem related to allocating capital resources.

The Khelo India programme aimed to award a scholarship of 5 lahks each year for 8 years to 1000 selected athletes. Between 2017 to 2018 and 2019 to 2020, the initiatives incurred by the Government of India are cumulative of 1756 crores. In fact, the government promised to support about 15 to 20 institutions in India as the centre for Sporting excellence.

Khelo India programme can be studied under the category of government schemes as a part of current affairs for the UPSC exam. You can download this article in the form of a PDF for a detailed account of the Khelo India scheme initiated by the government of India.

What is Khelo India Programme?

The Khelo India Programme is the government initiative to increase the growth of sports in India. Col. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, the former sports minister of India, introduced this in Delhi. The goal of the khelo India scheme is to enhance the sports culture in India and gain more medals in international-level sports events like the Olympics.

Khelo India Programme PDF

The revised Khelo India Programme consolidates the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abhiyan, the Urban Sports Infrastructure Scheme, and the National Sports Talent Search System Programme, which is intended to measure force as an instrument for developing the country’s economic growth, community building, and personal growth. Both Sports for Excellence and Sports for All are promoted by the programme.

History of Khelo India Programme

The Khelo India Programme is not a very old scheme. In fact, it is the combination of three existing sports activities combined into one. The important thing here is that this scheme focuses on building the best infrastructure and providing the best facilities for them.

  • The most active and vigorous part of the population is the youth. With nearly 65% of its people under 35 years of age, India is among the youngest countries in the world in the field of sports.
  • There are a total of 27.5% of the youth population in the age group between 15 to 29 years.
  • The existing Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abhiyan, the urban sports infrastructure scheme, and the national sports Talent Search scheme were suggested to combine together and form one umbrella scheme named Khelo India Programme for the development of sports in order to encourage widespread spot participation and accomplish the smooth exception in the field of sports for international representation.

Objectives of Khelo India Programme

There are various objectives of the khelo India programme for the accomplishment of which 12 verticals are designed by the government named – Playfield Development, Community Coaching Development, State Level Khelo India Centers, Annual Sports Competition, Talent Search And Development, Utilization of Sports Infrastructure, Support to National Regional And State Sports Academics, Physical Fitness of School Children, Sports For Women, Promotion For Sports Among People With Disabilities, Sports For Peace and Development, Promotion For Rural And Indigenous Tribal Games.

  • The khelo India scheme has a beneficial impact on the complete sports environment, including facilities, coaching, recognition programmes, effective functioning, sports economics, and competitive structure.
  • The initiative encourages schools and organizations to host top-notch programmes in order to retain a high number of entrants for organized sporting events.
  • The union government entirely funds the khelo India programme which was started by it only.
  • This pan-India sports scholarship programme awards 1000 candidates. These candidates are the most deserving or exceptional players across all sports each year.
  • The selected athletes will receive a scholarship of 5 lahks for 8 years. It’s a groundbreaking Idea and the first-ever guide for creating an athlete’s long-term development path.

Features of Khelo India Programme

Sports can encourage gender balance so that the sports industry does not become male-centric. It fosters social inclusion too. The khelo India programme app was created by the Sports Authority of India to promote different types of sports and fitness in the country. This programme was created under the direction of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

  • In accordance with the khelo India Programme, scholarships will be awarded to 1000 of the most gifted young athletes each year in the chosen types of sports.
  • Each athlete chosen under this programme will receive a scholarship of rupees 500000 each year for the next 8 years.
  • 20 Indian colleges are marked as centres of Sporting excellence where gifted athletes combine their passion for learning sports and participating in various levels of competitions.

Eligibility of Khelo India Programme

It is said that the khelo India Programme is specifically designed for young sportspersons in the country. There is still a proper format and procedure for the sports persons to enrol themselves in the Programme. The following are the eligibility criteria for Khelo India Programme:

  1. The khelo India scheme only accepts applications from applicants who are between the ages of 10 to 18.
  2. The candidates who fall under the category of 17 years of age or below are eligible to participate in the sports of the under-17 category.
  3. The candidates who fall under the category of 21 years of age or below are eligible to participate in the sports under the under-21 category.
  4. The khelo India Programme is open to youngsters who have an interest in sports.

Impact of Khelo India Programme

After the initiation of the khelo India Programme by the government of India, there has been a significant impact on the sports authorities and the entire management of sports in India for youth.

  • Through the establishment of yearly competition platforms and Infrastructures all throughout the nation, the Khelo India Scheme has developed a complete framework for fostering a sporting culture.
  • Athletes who fall under the category of under 17 and 18 age categories have the possibility of competing early at the national level. They can do so through khelo India youth games and University games.
  • In order to find out the best sports persons existing soon to be the khelo India, the mobile app has been launched by the Prime Minister in 2019 that has some set parameters for fitness. This app is launched for more than 23 lakh children in schools.
  • Under the Khelo India Programme, out of pocket allowances and training resources are provided to the competitors in indigenous sports in elite facilities. To help women succeed in athletics, specific Programmes were implemented. In addition to it, divyangs or physically challenged people who are enthusiastic about sports also received improved training facilities and cash assistance as a part of a reinforced support system.

Benefits of Khelo India Programme

Benefits of the khelo India Programme initiative in India include the use of cutting-edge, user-friendly technology in all the faces of sports promotion, including the use of mobile applications for spreading awareness and knowledge about sports training.

  • Additionally, the value of sport in advance of social inclusion and gender equity is clearly acknowledged, and specific initiatives are being taken to meet these goals.
  • The initiative also attempts to get young people from troubled and underprivileged communities involved in sports to disassociate them from descriptive and counterproductive behaviour and include them in the process of representing India as the best country in the field of sports.
  • In order to provide as much access to scheduled sports events as possible, the Programme works to increase the quality of competition at both the high school and college levels.
  • Both sports for all and sports for excellence are the goals of the Khelo India Programme.

Latest Updates on Khelo India Programme

Following are some of the important latest updates of the Khelo India Programme:

  • For the fiscal year 2021 to 2022, the union budget lowers the allotment for sports by 230.78 crores. The khelo India programme has had its funding cut by 232.71 crores dropping from 820.42 crores to 657.71 crores.
  • As announced by the government of India, the 4th khelo India youth games were held in Haryana Panchkula after the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Khelo India and Fit India Programme

Fit India Programme was introduced by the Prime Minister of India on 29th August 2019 in order to promote the concept of the importance of fitness in life. The prime focus behind introducing this movement was to bring out behavioural changes among the people and encourage them to be more physically active.

The main goals of the fit India Programme are nearly the same as the objectives of the khelo India Programme.

  • Promoting exercise as simple, enjoyable, and cost-free.
  • Through targeted advertising, raising Awareness of fitness and the numerous physical activities that support it.
  • To promote native sports.
  • To ensure that every Educational Institute Panchayat and villages are active in sports and encouraging the best sports person to represent their community region state at the National and international level.

Fit India Programme was launched by the Ministry of youth affairs and sports, and it is the same as the khelo India Programme, which supports different types of sports and engages smart players to come up and participate in various competitions and represent India at the international level.

Khelo India Programme UPSC

Khelo India Programme UPSC topic is part of schemes introduced by the government of India to promote the importance of fitness in life and participating in more sports and represent India at the international level. There are higher chances of questions being raised from the current affairs section in the UPSC exam. The aspirants appearing for the IAS exam should have a deep knowledge of at least the past 1 year’s current affairs.

Questions to be asked in the UPSC exam are extremely unexpected and can be in any form. Therefore, it is important for the candidates to learn the topic, especially related to current affairs, in-depth and all the dimensions of the topic. Following are the sample questions on Khelo India Programme that you may refer to for preparations.

Q1. Name the schemes that are merged to form the khelo India scheme.

  1. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abhiyan, Urban Sports Infrastructure Scheme
  2. National Sports Talent Search Scheme, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abhiyan
  3. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abhiyan, Urban Sports Infrastructure Scheme, and National Sports Talent Search Scheme

Choose the correct code from the options given below-

  1. One only
  2. Two only
  3. One and Three both
  4. Three only

Answer- Option D

Q2. What is the amount of scholarship to be given to the selected sports persons, and for which period?

  1. 2 lakhs for 5 consecutive years
  2. 9 lakhs for 7 consecutive years
  3. 5 lakhs for 8 consecutive years
  4. 4 lakhs for 2 consecutive years

Answer- Option C

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