Indian Army Rank in World

By Balaji

Updated on: February 17th, 2023

Indian Army Rank in the world is at 4th as per the latest Global Firepower Index. The Indian Army Rank in the world is growing rapidly. The Indian Army, also known as the Indian Armed Forces, is the military force of Independent India. The Indian Military consists of three uniformed services. They are the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. The Indian Army is a land-based branch of troops that is also the largest component of the Indian Armed Forces. The Head of the Supreme Commander of the Indian Army is the President. Moreover, the professional head is the COAS ( Chief of Army Staff ). They are four-star generals.

The main motive of the Indian Army is to maintain national unity and ensure national security. Moreover, maintains peace and security within the borders despite internal threats and external aggression. The Indian Army has been involved in close to four wars with neighbouring countries like Pakistan ( 3 times ) and China ( one time ). We will be discussing all Indian Army Rank in World in this article.

Table of content

  • 1. What is Indian Army Rank in the World? (more)
  • 2. Military Strength Ranking of India (more)
  • 3. List of Exercises of the Indian Army (more)
  • 4. What is the Basic Field Formation of the Indian Army? (more)
  • 5. Indian Army Rank UPSC (more)
  • 6. Indian Army Rank UPSC Sample Prelims Question (more)

What is Indian Army Rank in the World?

The Global Firepower Index works to mark the ratings of the military forces present around the world. The Global Firepower Index 2022 marks the US at No. 1 and Russia at second place, China at No. 3, and the Indian Army Rank is no.4.

  • The military forces of the Republic of India include Indian Army Forces. It comprises three main services: the Indian Navy, the Indian Air force, and the Indian Army.
  • The Central Armed Police Forces, Indian Coast Guard, Assam Rifles, Special Frontier Force, and several inter-service commands and institutions together support the Indian Armed forces.
  • The President of India is known to be the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces. India has around 13,25,000 active frontline personnel, around 6500 tanks, a total of 1905 aircraft, and 15 submarines.

Military Strength Ranking of India

India’s Military Strength Ranking in the world is fourth. For 2022, India is ranked 4 out of the 142 countries that are considered for the Global GPF review. India holds a PwrIndx score of 0.0979. In general, a score of 0.0000 is considered perfect. Above India are three major countries: the United States of America, Russia, and China respectively.

Regiments in the Indian Army

In the Indian Army, there are a total of 65 regiments. The army recruits are selected in these regiments as per their skill and valor.

  • All the regiments of the Indian army have made great sacrifices for the country over the years and have protected our country.
  • Every regiment is unique in its own way. Each regiment plays a significant role in bringing about operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Each regiment of the Indian army specializes in its particular field. Some of the most important regiments of the Indian Army include the Dogra regiment, Gorkha regiment, Ladakh Scout regiment, Kumaon regiment, Sikh regiment, and so on.

List of Exercises of the Indian Army

The list of exercise of the Indian Army are as follows:

  • Operation Brasstacks: In November 1980, the Indian Government launched Operation Brasstacks to stimulate a full-scale war on the western front of the country. This exercise was the largest ever conducted in India. Operation Brasstacks Included nine infantry, three armored divisions, and various other artillery divisions.
  • Nomadic Elephant: Since 2004, the Indian Army has been conducting training exercises regularly with the Mongolian Army. In June 2013, it was held in Mongolia. This is done in order to check the strength and enhance the counter-insurgency, also to train in conducting the peacekeeping operation with the mandate of the UN.
  • Exercise Shakti: The exercise shakti is a joint exercise between the Indian and French Armies. This exercise is conducted to practice and validate the anti-terrorist operations in mountains and snow-bound areas. It was first held in October 2011 and second in September 2013.
  • Exercise Shatrujeet: The Indian Army conducted a major exercise known as Exercise Shatrujeet in April 2016. This exercise was carried out by the Mathura-Based Strike Corps in the firing range of Rajasthan.
  • Exercise Rudra Akrosh: In May 2012, the Indian Army conducted an exercise called ‘Exercise Rudra Akrosh’. It involved almost 20,000 troops and support from the IAF ( Indian Air Force ). It was conducted to validate the transformational and operational effectiveness of various formations under the western army.

What is the Basic Field Formation of the Indian Army?

The following points mentioned below analyze the basic field formation of the Indian Army.

  • Command: The Indian Army has one training command and six operational commands. Each one of the commands is headed by the army commander who is the senior-most lieutenant general in the Indian Army.
  • Corps: A command is made up of or composed of two or more two corps. The Indian Army consists of 14 corps that are headed by GOC, i.e., General Officer Commanding. There are three types of corps in the Indian Army. They are Holding, Mixed, and Strike. These corps are composed of three or four divisions.
  • Division: Every division in the Indian Army is headed by the GOC of the army commander, who is a major general. According to the reports, the Indian army is composed of more than 40 divisions. They are Infantry Division ( 18 ), Mountain Divisions ( 12 ), Armed And Artillery Division ( 3 + 3 ), and RAPIDs, i.e., Reorganised Army Plains Infantry Division. Each division consists of three or four brigades.
  • Brigades: A brigade is a formation of 3000 battle troops with some sort of supporting elements that can be deployed in any terrain. The head of a brigade is a brigadier. They play a very significant role during the war.
  • Battalion: A battalion is generally composed of three or four rifle companies. Every Battalion possesses a Ghatak Platoon. Headed by a Colonel.
  • Company: It is composed of three platoons which are headed by a lieutenant colonel or a major.

Indian Army Rank UPSC

The topic of Indian Army Rank is an important portion of the UPSC Syllabus, which comes under the part of security forces and agencies. UPSC aspirants should prepare this topic deeply because it’s been asked about always. It is seen that candidates inclined towards the Indian Armed Forces get a lot of questions about the Indian Military Forces in the Interview Round also. To understand the Indian Army Rank in detail, candidates can refer to UPSC Books and UPSC Study Material. Questions on this topic can be asked in the Current Affairs section as well.

>> Download Indian Army Rank UPSC Notes PDF

Indian Army Rank UPSC Sample Prelims Question

Question: With reference to the Indian Army, choose the correct option.

What is ‘Bharat’ that was seen recently in the News?


  1. Chopper
  2. Drone
  3. Anti-tank missile
  4. Missile Carrier

Answer: b. Drone.

Note: The DRDO ( Defence Research and Development Organisation ) has handed its drone named “Bharat” to the Indian Army. This drone will be deployed in Eastern Ladakh for the purpose of Surveillance and Security in high-altitude areas of Ladakh.

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