How will the Information Historians get from Old Newspapers be different from that Found in Police Reports?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The information Historians get from old Newspapers is different from that found in Police Reports as newspapers advocate free speech; whereas a police report may contain information that has been shaped. Newspapers present the complete truth, while police reports may provide details that have been fabricated to suit the interests of a particular powerful party.

Old Newspapers Information Different from Police Reports

To write about a specific period of history, a historian must have complete knowledge of that period and thus must consult multiple sources of information.

  • There are three types of information sources: primary, secondary, and tertiary.
  • This classification is based on the material’s uniqueness.
  • A historian must record information; multiple sources of information are required for him to have a broad and clear picture.
  • Newspapers, public accounts, official documents, and police records are all sources of information.

Old Newspapers

  • Information provided in the newspapers was majorly based on the real-time reporting of facts and mainly on what people of the country felt and thought about any particular incident or issue.
  • Also, at that time, they add what official records are.

Police Reports

  • Police records are official and backed up by official documents.
  • These records, while official, may be biased.
  • They essentially relay the officials’ side of the story as they see fit and correct.
  • Furthermore, police records may be skewed due to the opinions of those in power.

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