Explain the Principle of Scalar Chain

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The principle of the Scalar Chain states that there should be a proper path through which a piece of information should flow. The flow of information is the chain of all supervisors from top management to the person who is assigned the lowest rank. The scalar chain was developed by Henri Fayol. Scalar chain means formal lines of authority from highest to lowest rank. Fayol suggested that organizations should have a chain of communication and authority that runs from top to bottom and that managers and subordinates should follow it.

Principle of Scalar Chain

The Scalar Chain Principle has a significant influence on modern management theory. The details of the Principle are as follows:

  • The scale chain traces the path in which communication must flow for effective communication in an organization.
  • Effective communication plays a huge role in the success of an organization and in achieving its goals.
  • The flow of any information should be from the supervisor to the lowest position person to avoid any ambiguity.
  • It is applicable to every department of an organization for effective communication.

Benefits of Scalar Chain

The formal hierarchy from higher to lower ranks is referred to as the Scalar Chain. According to the principle, there should be a channel of communication and authority in an organization.

  • This allows the employees to know who to contact in case of any problems.
  • The top management will be able to deliver the required information to the entire organization.
  • The supervisors at each level will be able to execute the orders of the top management.
  • There will be no chaos in the organization.

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