Difference Between Mythology and History – History vs Mythology

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The difference between Mythology and History is that mythology does not have solid proof, whereas history can be proved with significant proof. The happenings of ancient times are always exciting for everyone. We hear many myths, stories, and tales of ancient times from our elders. The studies of ancient times help us in the present. We often hear the two standard terms of ancient times – mythology and history.

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History is a combination of actual and well-proven facts, whereas it is not the same as mythology. Mythology lacks proper documentation and authentic proof to support the facts and numbers. This article will discuss the difference between Mythology and History based on various parameters.

Difference between Mythology and History

The significant difference between Mythology and History is that mythology is based on natural and supernatural beliefs and aspects. On the other hand, historical facts are based on real-life events that occurred in the past.

History vs Mythology

Difference between Mythology and History

Parameters for the Comparison




Mythology refers to the analysis of myths of ancient times; we can also say that mythology is the detailed study of myths in the past.

History refers to the study of events, people in the past, and anything specific that occurred in the past.


You cannot support mythology with solid proof of evidence.

You can support the facts of history with events, dates, evidence, etc.

Academic Disciplines

Mythology can be associated with psychology, folklore, and anthropology.

History is used to create a link and a timeline between past events.


Mythology discusses supernatural gods, demons, humans, and much more.

History talks about the events that happened in the past.

Area of Study

Symbolism hero










Cultural history

Examples of mythology

Odyssey – is a famous book by Homer.

There are many books based on historical events.

Mythology and History

Apart from the mentioned differences, there are a few similarities between mythology and history which are elaborated on below:

  • Both history and mythology are a part of ancient events in which history is verified by proof, whereas any evidence does not verify mythology
  • The nature of stories is similar between mythology and history
  • Both mythology and history are different ways to look into the past

What is Mythology?

Mythology is studying traditional gods, supernatural powers, heroes, demons, kings, etc. Mythology can talk about both creation and the destruction of the world. It contains stories about how God created this universe and what is the connection between God and men.

  • The primary aim is to teach or convey moral code to the people.
  • The study of mythology benefits students of all ages as they learn about the diverse stories and cultures of the past.
  • Mythology also teaches students about the impact of the past on the present world.

What is History?

History is the study of changes in events across time. History contains events and happenings worldwide, such as political facts, cultural events, wars, economies, religious happenings, and much more. We have a proper record of all the historical facts.

  • History is a broad subject for researchers to study.
  • It can be described as a never-ending loop of past events.
  • Many historical documents like the Upanishads, Vedas, and much more contain records of the events.


Key Difference Between Mythology and History

The Key Difference Between Mythology and History is that Mythology refers to the analysis of mythologies of old times, whereas History refers to the analysis of occurrences, individuals, or anything distinctive that happened in the past.

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