Difference Between Nagara and Dravidian Style – Nagara Style vs Dravidian

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Difference between Nagara and Dravidian Style: An important difference between Nagara and Dravidian Style is that Nagara style architecture has multiple towers, whereas Dravidian style architecture has a single central tower. Temple architecture is one of the primary forms of Hindu architecture and has many styles. Moreover, according to history, different countries have distinct architectural styles.

Difference Between Nagara and Dravidian Style PDF

The two major styles are Nagara architecture, mainly seen in northern India. The second is the Dravidian style of architecture, mainly seen in southern India. These temples have a rich history, and their distinct features make them unique. This article will discuss the difference between Nagara and Dravidian styles based on unique parameters.

Difference Between Nagara and Dravidian Style

The difference between Nagara and Dravidian style also lies in the shape of the central tower is curvilinear in the case of Nagara, and the pyramid-like shape in Dravidian style. Let us explore the differences in detail given below.

Nagara Style vs Dravidian

Difference Between Nagara and Dravidian Style

Parameters for Difference

Nagara Style architecture

Dravidian Style architecture


Temples in the north Indian region are known as Nagara style temples.

Temples in the South Indian region are known as Dravidian-style temples.

Main temples spire

Multiple Shikharas are present in the Nagara style of temples.

Dravidian style has one single shikhara.

Central Tower

The shape of the central tower is curvilinear in the case of Nagara style temples.

The shape of the central tower is a pyramid in the case of Dravidian style temples.


Pedestals are higher than the ground.

Pedestals are not higher than the ground.

Boundaries and deities

Not much importance is given to the boundaries and deities found inside.

Boundaries of the temple are given a lot of importance, and deities are found outside.

Nagara and Dravidian Style of Architecture

Nagara and Dravidian styles of architecture were developed and designed with the assistance of their prevailing dynasties. The buildings of both types of temples are engraved and full of sculptures.

  • Both showcase Indian literature and culture.
  • Each type of temple shows the mythologies of the specific dynasty.

Some similar features between the Nagara and Dravidian style temples are:

  • Sacred pools
  • Mandaps with pillars
  • Temple grounds
  • Prakara walls
  • Multiple entrances in the temple.

Nagara Style of Architecture

In the Nagara style of architecture, temples are built on a platform. Also, these temples do not have any boundary walls or gateways. The mandaps are constructed anterior to the main Shrine.

  • Unlike the Dravidian style temples, there are no water reservoirs.
  • Rather, the images of the Ganga and Yamuna are encrypted.
  • The two major characteristics of this style are the cruciform ground plan and the curvilinear tower.
  • Some examples of temples built in the Nagara style are Sun Temple at Konark, Lakshman temple at Khajuraho, Kandariya Mahadeva temple, etc.

Dravidian Style of Architecture

The Dravidian style is the oldest style of architecture with many distinct features. Most of these styles of temples have short pillars, and they also have boundary walls and gateways.

  • A wall bounds Dravidian-style temples.
  • The Gopuram is the entrance.
  • In Dravidian style temples, Dvarapalas are placed to guard the entrance.
  • The water reservoirs are the essential feature of these temples which exists in each of them.
  • Some examples of temples built in the Dravidian style are the Kailashnath temple at Ellora, Brihadeshwara Temple, etc.


Key Difference Between Nagara and Dravidian Style

To compare and contrast Nagara and Dravida style of architecture, one should know the elemental traits of both styles of Architecture. Nagara Style of Architecture does not give much significance to the borders, while the Dravidian Style of Architecture gives preference to the borders of the temple, which is the key difference between Nagara and Dravidian Styles.

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