BPSC Teacher Preparation 2023: Time Table and Study Plan

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

BPSC Teacher Preparation 2023: BPSC is conducting the teacher exam for the first time across the Bihar State. To help aspirants pass the exam, we have provided you with the best BPSC teacher preparation tips that are handy at the last minute of the exam. The BPSC Teacher exam will have a written test, which will consist of two papers which are Paper 1 and Part 2. Paper 1 is qualifying in nature whereas it is mandatory for candidates to clear the cut off of Paper 2.

So, the aspirants who are involved in the BPSC Teacher Preparation 2023 should be aware of the key points that we have shared on this page. Check out the tips & tricks for the BPSC Teacher exam which is the best fit for all the aspirants below.

BPSC Teacher Exam Preparation Tips

If you want to excel or crack the BPSC Teacher Exam, then it is necessary to make a concrete study plan or preparation strategy. Below are some general and important tips on how to prepare for the BPSC Teacher Exam. Aspirants must read these tips carefully and accordingly work on their preparation strategy to ace the exam with high scores. Check out general tips on BPSC Teacher Preparation below.

Syllabus & Exam Pattern for BPSC Teacher Preparation

The syllabus and exam pattern play a vital role in every exam preparation. This is the very first step in the BPSC teacher preparation.

  • Try to read the BPSC Teacher syllabus under each paper thoroughly to understand the topics you need to focus on.
  • Based on the Syllabus topic, make a study plan with the given chapters and topics to be finished in the given time frame.
  • The disadvantage of not following the official syllabus will always end up in incomplete preparation for the BPSC teacher exam and a waste of time studying trivial topics.
  • Check all details related to the Exam Pattern for BPSC Teacher Primary, Secondary & Higher Secondary Examination.

CheckBPSC Teacher Syllabus in Hindi

BPSC Teacher Preparation Balanced Study

Balancing daily life routine and preparing for the BPSC teacher exam requires commitment, focus, and a positive attitude. With the right approach, candidates who are going to exercise BPSC teacher apply online can succeed in both areas and achieve their goals.

  • As we know, Language (Part-1 English & Part-2 Hindi/Bengali/Urdu) is only qualifying. So, do not invest extra time in them during BPSC teacher preparation 2023 but never underestimate the importance of these papers as if ignored completely then it might turn worst.
  • Neither take General English and Language too easy nor give too much focus that you got carried away. Just maintain a balanced preparation among these papers.

BPSC Teacher Preparation 2023 Study Plan

Create a study plan or study routine that fits your schedule and stick to it. Allocate specific hours for studying each day and follow it consistently. Check the given below points.

  • A routine Study Plan is always needed in achieving set targets. Therefore, an aspirant who is planning to crack BPSC teacher exam should prepare a rigorous but achievable schedule (for say, 1 month).
  • Follow the schedule until the full syllabus is covered with revision of the past topics. 
  • As the number of hours is fixed, divide them judiciously into all the topics of all the different papers. But analyze according to yourself which time should be dedicated to which type of subjects.

DownloadBPSC Teacher Syllabus in Hindi

Time Table for BPSC Teacher Preparation

We have provided a monthly time table to prepare for BPSC teacher 2023 to assist aspirants in their preparation for the exam. Maintain adherence to this BPSC Teacher preparation timetable until you have completed your entire syllabus for each exam section.

Aspirants can modify this plan to their liking, but they must adhere to their preparation timetable. A well-structured timetable for the BPSC Teacher preparation plan is provided below:


Time to invest in learning the

The time needed to revise

Comprehension and English/Hindi/Urdu/Bengali Grammar

2-3 hours every day

20 minutes after a short break

General Awareness, Current Affairs, General Aptitude & Reasoning

3-4 hours in a day

20 minutes after a short break

Maths, Science, or Social Science

3-4 hours in a day

20 minutes after a short break

Subject Concerned

2-3 hours in a day

20 minutes after a short break

Even though this is the perfect schedule to follow for preparation, you must be at ease with this. Putting too much pressure on yourself will not help you have great results. So, make sure you follow this schedule at your own pace and convenience. Stepping a little out of your comfort zone is fine but do not burden yourself by strictly sticking to anything.

Practice Questions during BPSC Teacher Preparation

All of us know that Practice makes a man perfect and in the case of the BPSC teacher preparation 2023, candidates have to practice a lot of formal teaching, numerical problems, diagrams of general science, general awareness, and subject concerned papers, etc.

  • Similarly, a lot of practice will be resolved by practicing as many mock tests and practice sets as possible. Complete one and move to the second without any halt.
  • You can make handy notes while analyzing the Bihar Teacher Mock Test or Practice test.

Mock Tests for BPSC Teacher Preparation 2023

Mock tests are a crucial part of the BPSC teacher exam preparation. Because it enables you to assess your level of preparation, identify your areas of weakness, and determine where you are lacking in order to improve these areas and pass your exam.

  • After covering each topic, make a habit of giving the BPSC Teacher Mock Test.
  • Attempt, note down wrong attempted questions, revise the concept and try to learn from your mistakes without repeating them.
  • BPSC Teacher Mock Test will help in understanding the pattern of the actual exam, give the actual exam environment, and give a chance to candidates to analyze their weak areas and improve them.
  • Try to focus on correctly increasing the number of attempted questions and reducing the time duration.

SMART Strategy BPSC Teacher Preparation

Here are some last minute BPSC teacher preparation tips for the candidates which will enable them in revising all the study material before the examination.

Multiple and Strategic Revisions

When you just have 15 days left in hand to revise or prepare for your exam, opening books isn’t right. It is only perfect if you start taking the mock test series and look for important parts in model test papers.

Understanding of Exam Patterns and Weightage

Aspirants shall thoroughly review the BPSC Teacher exam pattern and weightage of each topic in their respective subject. A clear understanding of the exam pattern and topics will help BPSC Teacher-appearing students categorize their topics according to their plans and goals.

Be considerate of time

You will have to attempt 220 questions in 2 Hours. So, it is important to maintain a good speed to be able to complete the entire question paper. Make sure you are writing more and reading less. Keep in mind the time you are taking to answer a question and try to reduce it eventually.

Careful About your Own Mental Health

BPSC is one of the most competitive exams in Bihar State, and it can be very overwhelming for aspirants to perform well in the exam. Stress and mental fatigue are very common in exam preparation hence, they are always advised to be extra careful about their mental and physical health.


Be confident about yourself while you appear for the examination. Staying calm and composed can help solve your paper smoothly. Besides, you have already stored all the necessary information after this and have nothing to worry about now.

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