Rajasthan RPSC RAS Exam Analysis 2021: Question Asked, Review, Attempts, Expected Cut Off

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

Rajasthan RAS Exam Analysis 2021. Rajasthan Public Service Commission has conducted RAS 2021 preliminary exam on 27th October 2021 on various centres across the state. The RAS exam was organized in one shift (Paper- 9 AM-12 PM). The level of the exam was moderate. The students who will be able to qualify RAS Preliminary exam, able to appear for RAS Main Exam.

Rajasthan RPSC RAS Exam Analysis 2021. RPSC RAS 2021 preliminary exam has been conducted on 27th October 2021. The RAS exam was organized in one shift. The level of the exam was a moderate bit on the easy side. In this post, we are sharing with you RPSC RAS Exam Analysis (Subject-Wise) 2021 along with RPSC RAS 2021 expected cut off and previous year cut off.

The RPSC RAS exam pattern is divided into three stages: Prelims, Mains, and Interview. Applicants must familiarize themselves with the latest exam pattern before the preparation to ensure that the preparation is focused and exam-oriented.

RAS Prelims Exam Pattern 2021

RAS Prelims Exam Paper Total Marks Total Time
General Knowledge 200 marks 3 hours

RAS Mains Exam Pattern 2021

As per the RPSC Mains Exam pattern 2021, the exam consists of 4 papers.

RAS Mains Exam Paper Total Marks Total Time
Paper-1: General Studies-I 200 marks 3 hours
Paper-2: General Studies-II 200 marks 3 hours
Paper-3: General Studies-III 200 marks 3 hours
Paper-4: General Hindi and General English 200 marks 3 hours
Total 800 marks

RPSC RAS Exam Analysis 2021

RPSC RAS Paper (9 AM-12 PM)

Total Questions- 150

Total Marks- 200 Negative Marking- 0.44

RPSC RAS 2021 Subject Wise Analysis


No. of Questions


Indian and World Geography


Easy to Moderate 

Indian History + Art & Culture



Indian Economy and Government Scheme



Indian Polity



General Science



Current Affairs (India + World) + International Organisation



Maths and Reasoning


Easy to Moderate

Rajasthan Specific


Easy to Moderate

RAS 2021 Topic Wise Analysis

Subject Wise Analysis

Indian and World Geography

  1. Industries and their location in the world
  2. Which of the following are parts of Thar desert?
  3. River and tributary matching
  4. Mineral and location in India
  5. City in North South Corridor
  6. Doda Betta Peak 
  7. Characteristics of which river are given below?
  8. Renewable Energy Sites
  9. Koeppen Classification
  10. Match the lake with country
  11. Match Landform with location in the world
  12. Match the grains with  

Indian History + Art & Culture 

  1. Mayura idols (Yaksha)
  2. Match (Battles and Year)
  3. Statement Questions (Krishndevaraya ruler)
  4. Match the following (Conspiracy cases )
  5. Woman who participated in Peasant Movement of Bijoliya
  6. During India Quit Movement Kanaklata Barua shot at which location
  7. Ahar Civilization
  8. Varika Vishnuvardhan Victory Tower
  9. Rajahmundry Social Reform Association 

Indian Economy and Government Scheme

  1. Per Capita Income of Rajasthan at constant prices
  2. Indira Mahila Shakti Nidhi was launched on
  3. Work Participation rate in India and Rajasthan according to to Census 2011
  4. When was railway budget mixed with union budget
  5. Ayushman Bharat Mahatma Gandhi Swasthya Bima Yojna
  6. Base Year in National Income Accounting
  7. PM-JAY implementation is done by
  8. Index of Industrial Production
  9. Proposed plan expenditure on Electricity
  10. Atal-Bhujal Scheme
  11. National Mission on Agriculture Extension and Technology
  12. NNP at market price
  13. PM Kisan Mandhan Yojna
  14. Supply Chain Resilience
  15. CM Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme

Indian Polity

  1. Constitution act dealing with National Judicial Appointment Commision
  2. Assertion Reason about Duty of Comptroller
  3. Correct Sequence about Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India
  4. Basic element of the citizen charter
  5. RTI Act
  6. Article 103 Constitution of India
  7. Match ( Constitution Assembly Committee and their Chairman)
  8. Who said ‘Constitution like a Machine, is a lifeless thing’?
  9. State Legislative Assembly
  10. Fundamental Duties
  11. Correct pair about state policy in Constitution of India

General Science

  1. Vitamins are fat soluble
  2. Full form MOEMS
  3. Trisomy 21
  4. Zoonotic disease
  5. Moto of defence research and development organisation
  6. CNG is mainly
  7. Stethoscope
  8. Inverted Pyramid of Biomass
  9. Mother Fetus Rh Blood type
  10. 1080p resolution means
  11. Japanese Encephalitis
  12. Malignant Malaria
  13. Kadaknath
  14. INSAT/GSAT satellite
  15. Quantum Dot
  16. Tianwen-I
  17. NABI MG

Current Affairs (India + World) + International Organisation

  1. CERI established at
  2. IISC Bangalore established by
  3. Match festival with dates
  4. Rank of India in World Happiness Index
  5. Which district is not part of Desert Triangle
  6. Rank of India in Ease of doing business report
  7. Fintech Digital University is established where?
  8. Nodal department for SDG in Rajasthan?
  9. Average global temperature risen in past century is?
  10. Mission Niryatak Bano
  11. Najib Mikati
  12. Book Marathon War
  13. UEFA Euro-2020
  14. Tokyo Olympic 2021
  15. Book Sanskriti Ri Sanatan Deeth
  16. Ram Nath Kovind granted assent
  17. Dholavira was in news
  18. Hunger Hotspots Report
  19. International Eni Award 2020
  20. TIME 2021 list of 100 most influential people
  21. Tokyo Paralympic 2020
  22. Match list-I with list-II
  23. Memorandum of Understanding in March 2021

Maths and Reasoning

  1. 5% per annum for three years is 183/-
  2. A rectangular room is 12 meter
  3. Virendra is the son of rajedra’s father
  4. A bag contains 1,50 paisa and 25 paisa coins
  5. In a group 6 girls and 4 boys
  6. Given below statements-
  7. A die is rolled three times
  8. When watch shows 7:45
  9. Diagram, rectangle represents men
  10. In an election of 3 candidates
  11. Total number of squares and rectangles
  12. Study the following then answer 
  13. Each of te digits 1,2,3
  14. A statement is followed by two conclusions numbered I & II
  15. A statement is followed by two assumptions numbered
  16. A statement is followed by four arguments numbered
  17. Suppose that in a  particular code 
  18. Some of the basketball
  19. Arithmetic mean
  20. Following pie chart

Rajasthan Specific 

  1. Saints Bakhanji, Saint Das Ji, Jagganath Das and Mohan Das
  2. District having highest and lowest sex ratio
  3. Gogelav conservation reserve
  4. Match (Book and Author) 
  5. Match (Folk Dance and Artist)
  6. Mineral and location in Rajasthan
  7. The state flower
  8. CM of Rajasthan
  9. State Remote Sensing Application
  10. Subtropical Hill forest found in which district
  11. What is Aanau in social custom of Rajasthan
  12. Green Energy Corridor districts in Rajasthan
  13. Solar Observatory
  14. Rajasthan Municipal Act 2009
  15. State Commision Election of Rajasthan
  16. Bhatiyani Pratap Kunwari
  17. Dense forest area is minimum
  18. Second highest population of ST is in which district
  19. Tourist centre and their location in Rajasthan
  20. Rajasthan Solar Energy Policy in which year
  21. Match the district with industries
  22. Mazharul -Saroor published where and when
  23. Doctrines associated with Jainism
  24. On which part of body “Toti” ornament is worn
  25. Rashtriya Gram Swaraj Abhiyan in Rajasthan
  26. Parwan Multipurpose Project
  27. Lokayukta in Rajasthan
  28. Correct Statement regarding Ruma devi 
  29. Printing Press Vedic Yantralaya situated 
  30. Chairperson of Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission
  31. In which year RAS officer posted as DC
  32. Match Tirthankara with their cognition
  33. Rajasthani Bhasha, Sahitya and Sanskiriti Located
  34. KUSUM solar power
  35. Judge of Rajasthan High Court
  36. Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Rajasthan Legislative Assembly
  37. RPSC present annual reports to
  38. Rajasthan Panchayati Act 1994
  39. What is the name of this app?
  40. Rajasthan Governor Gurumukh Nihal Singh
  41. The case of Vishakha and other Vs. State of Rajasthan
  42. UDAN scheme gov. Of Rajasthan
  43. Rajasthan Jan Aadhar Authority Ordinance

RPSC RAS Previous Year Cutoff

RPSC RAS 2018 Prelims Cut Offs


Cut Off Marks



General (TSP)










RPSC (Rajasthan PCS) 2021 Paper PDF

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RPSC RAS 2021 प्रश्न पत्र- Download RAS Question Papers PDF 2021

RPSC RAS Prelims 2021: Answer Key, Download PDF

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