Op-Ed Focus: Managing migration, as well as brain drain

By Atul Roy|Updated : July 28th, 2017

Article: Managing migration, as well as brain drain

Link: http://blogs.economictimes.indiatimes.com/et-editorials/managing-migration-as-well-as-brain-drain/

Now try to answer the following questions:

  1. What is brain drain and how serious is this problem in the era of Liberalisation and Globalisation?
  2. What creative policy measures can be taken to prevent brain drain without seriously curbing individual rights of the citizens?
  3. Now there is buzz about reverse brain drain or brain gain in India. Is this really that big a phenomenon? What could be the benefits of the same?

Points to ponder:

  1. Has Brain drain contributed to strengthening of Indian diaspora which in turn has benefited India? Critically Comment.
  2. Migration since the dawn of humanity, has contributed to the growth of civilisation but in recent decades it is being construed as threat by nations. Comment.




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