MOSFET can be used as a?

By Harshal Vispute|Updated : July 21st, 2022

The MOSFET is a different element that wasn't mentioned previously but is nonetheless crucial in many electrical and electronic circuits. However, A MOSFET can also be used as a variable resistor, diode, capacitor, relay, amplifier, and other electrical devices besides switches.

  • MOSFET as a Variable Resistor: A resistor with the capacity to change its resistance is known as a variable resistor (using either a knob or slider). As the resistance of the variable resistor is changed, the current fluctuates. 
  • MOSFET as a Diode: A MOSFET can perform the diode function. A diode is a semiconducting component that only allows one electricity flow direction. Similar to how a one-way roadway only enables vehicles to move in one direction, not the other. It offers little resistance in one direction and a lot in the other. 
  • MOSFET as a Capacitor: An electrical field-shaped passive device with two terminals known as a capacitor stores electrical energy. They are made of two closely spaced conducting plates separated by an insulator (air, plastic, mica, etc.). 

Areas of operation of a MOSFET

The three main functional regions of a MOSFET are as follows:

  • Cut-off Region: The MOSFET is regarded as being in its "OFF" state when it is in the cut-off region. No current passes through it when it is turned OFF.
  • Saturation Region: Saturation is the state where the MOSFET's current flow is constant. It acts as a closed switch in this area, enabling current to flow freely.
  • Linear/Ohmic Region: Increasing the voltage across the drain and source also increases the current flowing through the MOSFET in the linear/ohmic zone.


MOSFET can be used as a?

The MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) transistor is a semiconductor component that is frequently used in electronic devices for signal switching and amplification. If a MOSFET's gate and drain are shorted, it can function as a small-signal resistor. When the Drain, Source, and bulk (body) of a MOSFET are shorted, this acts as one capacitor plate, and the Gate acts as another capacitor plate. In MOSFET, a thin layer of SiO2 separates the gate from the channel, creating a capacitance that fluctuates with gate voltage. The input gate to source voltage governs how the MOSFET behaves, making it similar to a MOS capacitor. MOSFET can therefore be utilized as a voltage-controlled capacitor.

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MOSFET can be used as a FAQ's

  • The BSS138 is the most popular N-channel enhancement MOSFET made using the patented high cell density and DMOS technology developed by ON Semiconductor, which is used by numerous electronic production companies, designers, and hobbyists. The SOT-23 packaging it comes in and the low voltage, low current applications where it performs best.

  • Automotive electronics frequently employ power MOSFETs, particularly as switching components in electronic control modules and as power converters in contemporary electric automobiles. A wide range of applications also utilize the hybrid MOS-bipolar insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT).

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