MBA College Selection: How to Choose the Right B-School After MBA Entrance Exam Result?

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 13th, 2023

B-School provides a transformative experience to the aspirants and is a stepping stone in one’s career. It allows the aspirants to reinvent as per their career objectives and move ahead to reach their goals. So, the aspirants must perform well in the entrance exams in order to get admission into the college of their dreams. 

If the aspirants choose the right business school, it will become a partner in their professional and personal journey. It determines their professional development, needed for career growth. CAT 2021 result was announced recently. Candidates must go through the below-mentioned points to choose the right school for themselves.

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Why Is It Important to Choose the Right B-School?

Before proceeding to choose the right B-Schools, the aspirants must know why it is so important to opt for the best MBA school. The following are some basic reasons, which will help the aspirants to understand the same.

Offers a Diverse Range of Skills

The B-School offers a diverse range of skills, like teamwork, time-management, communication, analytical skills, decision making, and networking. All these are very important to develop confidence in the future career perspectives of the aspirants.

Scopes for Endless Career Opportunities

Management programmes offered by B-Schools are imperative to growing professional skills. It also ensures global exposure, which notably provides a wide range of job prospects to the aspirants.

Provides Real-World Learning Exposure

The B-School focuses only on practical learning through real-world exposure from the beginning of the coursework. It helps the aspirants in mastering their business skills at the end of the study.

Factors to be Considered Before Shortlisting B-School 

Now the aspirants may understand the importance of shortlisting B-Schools. In the following, some key factors are listed that should be considered before choosing a B-School for admission.

Rankings and Reputation

The rankings and reputation of an institution are very important. The aspirants must take it under consideration at the time of admission to any B-schools. An article published by Forbes contributor Ronald Yeaple reveals that 750 GMAT takers at the University of Rochester’s Simon B-School were asked to divide 100 points among ten categories to reflect the relative importance of each trait while choosing a business school in a mail poll. 

So, to assess a graduate school’s prestige, the aspirants typically look at the MBA programme and university rankings, alumni and their successes, and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Education Cost

The education cost in B-Schools is high, and the aspirants have to bear the maximum education costs on their own. So, the aspirants, looking for funds to complete their management studies, have to apply for a loan or any other financial aid like scholarships to allow necessary collateral for their study. 

Placement Opportunities

The aspirants must be concerned with the packages offered by the B-School during placements. It is important to evaluate whether the targeted business schools are well-positioned to help aspirants, achieve their career objectives. Candidates must also check if the placement portfolio is aligned with their career growth or plan. 


Before choosing a business school, the aspirants must go through the faculty profile. It will help them understand whether their research interest matches the research area of that faculty. 

Diversification of Campus Life

Meeting and learning with people from various backgrounds, cultures, and even nationalities is a higher priority for most aspirants when choosing a business school. Besides, the global MBA programmes offered by many MBA schools allow the aspirants to travel to different countries while studying. So, they can grab the knowledge of diverse business methods and cultures around the world and become capable of global execution.


The aspirants must look out for the specialization offered by the MBA  colleges they have chosen. However, if the aspirant is sure about their specialization, they can choose the institutions accordingly.

Distance from Home

Sometimes, the aspirants are looking for an institute nearer to their homes. Candidates can also seek guidance from alumni, exam experts, or faculty to make the right decision. Make a list of the pros and cons of all your shortlisted colleges, and make a decision accordingly. 

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