How to Answer “Why MBA” in your Personal Interview (PI)?

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 13th, 2023

One of the most common questions asked in MBA Interviews is why do you want to pursue MBA.  It seems to be a basic question, but a good answer to this can impress the interviewer. To ensure that you are all prepared to answer the question, we have mentioned a few points on how to answer “Why MBA” in the interview.

Candidates are expected to answer in a short and precise manner. The candidates should be 100% confident while answering. If you seem confused, this question could act as a trap, which will impact your performance. Additionally, the aspirants should not criticise their current job profile for choosing MBA.

How To Answer Why MBA In Interview?

Following are a few expert tips from the team of BYJU’S Exam Prep to answer why did you choose MBA:

Be Confident and Personalise Your Answer

The candidates should always maintain a convincing approach while answering in the PI round. The candidates need to ensure that whatever they are telling is true and the interviewer can trust it. Large explanations are not required always to answer any question. So, the candidate must keep in mind that they should provide a reasonable answer, which can ensure their authenticity.

The questions can also be around specific specializations such as why MBA in Finance? or why do you want to do an MBA from our college? To answer such questions, you must focus on the pros of choosing the specialization or college and how do the mentioned advantages add value to your growth & career. 

Never Take the Questions Casually

Sometimes, the interview questions are seemed to be very simple to answer. The aspirants must not take any answer casually, because in an MBA interview every question evaluates the personality of the aspirants. So, the aspirants must know that every simple question has an inner meaning, which determines their convincing skills. 

You must know one thing if the question seems to be simple, then there is always a trick to make you confused. If you ever face a question like why do you want to do an MBA from our college, then you have to convince the interviewer with all the pros that you will get from that college. But you have to make sure that you have done research about the college properly and know about the top management and various programmes they are offering currently.

Give Genuine Answer

It is always better to give genuine answers for “why MBA.” The candidates can show up their interests that are related to the management field. They can mention any internships or freelance projects that they have done as evidence of their interest in the field of management. The aspirants can also say that they have a love for the corporate world or want to be an entrepreneur to be established in the future. 

Additionally, the aspirants must not answer in such a way, which shows their overconfidence. It will negatively impact their personality. It is better to show your desire for which an MBA degree is required.

Try to Relate Your Answer with Your Stream

Do not speak much at the time of the MBA interview. Whatever you will say should be in context with the stream you have chosen. If you are from a finance background, then you will face the questions like why did you choose MBA in finance. So, your answers must be to the point which will reflect your interest in financial management. 

If the aspirants have studied marketing, then they can face questions like why MBA in marketing. So, the aspirants can show their fascination in the field of marketing. Their answers must reflect their intertest for knowledge enhancement and skill development to become well-established in the marketing field.  

Why MBA sample answers 

Read a few sample answers for Why MBA for your upcoming interviews

Why MBA Sample Answer for Freshers

If you are a fresh graduate, then you must answer in a way that can highlight the fact that you want a holistic approach across all the business domains. You can say that you want to learn professionalism before deciding upon a career of your choice. MBA provides a wide range of exposure and learning about the business world, and your answer must reflect this.

You can say different reasons to study MBA like various skills development including interpersonal skills, communication skills, networking, management & leadership skills, peer learning, case competitions, multi-perspective, collaborative working. To get an idea of how to answer why MBA, you can check different sample answers of previous alumni of IIMs.

Why MBA in Project Management – Answer

I have worked as a project manager in ABC Company for the last 5 years. In the meantime, I have developed a keen interest in the role. Now, I am thinking of gearing up my project management skills to take up managerial roles in Project Management/Operations. I have developed specific skills like communication, foresightedness, planning, teamwork, and customer satisfaction during my work experience. So, I have decided to pursue an MBA to polish my skills and achieve my dream. 

Besides, If I get learning opportunities from experienced faculties, it will enhance my knowledge. Hence, I want to pursue MBA.

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