How Should Non Engineering Students do CAT Preparation?

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 13th, 2023

CAT Preparation for Non Engineering Students: How should the candidates from non engineering backgrounds prepare for CAT is a quest of nearly 40% of the aspirants. However, it is not mentioned by IIM authorities have not mentioned that CAT is only for engineering students, but the myth somehow still persists wide.

It is an open fact that IIMs want diversity in their batches. There is no restriction on educational background for appearing in the CAT. If the candidates fulfill the basic eligibility criteria, they can appear for CAT. Additionally, any candidate who has good critical thinking ability can appear for CAT. In this article, BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have articulated some important and easy tips on CAT Preparation for Non Engineering Students.

Do Non Engineers Have an Advantage in CAT?

CAT does not distinguish between an engineering graduate and a non-engineering graduate. Those who meet the basic CAT Eligibility can appear for the CAT Exam. For this reason, students from any background can be a part of IIMs. This diversity in the classroom helps the students to learn new things. It will help them to get assistance for subjects which they have not studied in their graduation. It is usually seen that engineering students have better knowledge of mathematics and reasoning and non-engineering students have better communication skills which help them to solve RCs better.

Expert’s Tips on CAT Preparation for Non Engineering Students

It can be stated that there does not lie any difference between the CAT Preparation for Non Engineering Students and engineering students. It is essential to remove the myth from your head that only engineering candidates can perform better in CAT. It is completely the level of understanding of the syllabus and critical thinking skills as IIMs authorities shortlist those candidates only who have better decision-making skills. So always believe in yourself and do your CAT Preparation in a planned and strategic way.

Understand CAT Exam first

First of all, non-engineering students need to understand the CAT Syllabus, important topics, and CAT Exam Pattern. Once the aspirants become well-versed in these two, it will be easy for them to prepare for the upcoming exam.

CAT Exam consists of three Sections: VARC, DILR, and QA. In total, 66 questions can be expected, with 48 MCQs and 18 Non-MCQ questions (as seen in CAT 2021). By analyzing the previous years’ questions, the expected difficulty level of the CAT Question Paper will be Moderate-Difficult.

CAT syllabus consists of 3 Sections, including VARC, QA, and DILR. In the following, a brief overview of the CAT syllabus is given, which will help the aspirants in their preparation.




RC (Reading Comprehension)

Para Summary

Odd Man Out

Para Jumbles (With and without options)


Number System



Geometry and Mensuration

Modern Mathematics


Order and Rankings

Binary Logic


Games and Tournaments

Team Formation

Section Wise CAT Preparation for Non Engineering Students

The candidates must utilize their time wisely to do CAT preparation. If you spend too much time, it will make you to forget the concepts that you have studied earlier. Always divide your time for all the sections so that you can complete the syllabus and other important chapters on time. Here are some tips for CAT Preparation for Non Engineering Students recommended by our experts.

Solve Previous Year Question Paper

It helps the aspirants to analyze their preparation level and also understand what kind of questions are asked in the exam. If the non engineering students solve previous years’ question papers, they are in a better position to analyze and prepare each section accordingly.

Candidates must also determine their weak sections and topics after going through the question papers to prepare accordingly. Here we have provided the direct link to download PDFs for previous years’ CAT question papers.

Give Online CAT Mock Test

Online mock test series are the best source of CAT Preparation for Non Engineering Students. The aspirants can attempt BYJU’S Exam Prep online CAT Mock Test to analyze their performance in the way of exams. By this, they will understand the exam pattern and prepare accordingly. As Non-engineering aspirants have less practice & experience in solving analytical questions, regular practice of the test series provides them with a run-through of the exam and solving practice.

Attend Doubt Clearing Session

The aspirants can also attend BYJU’S Exam Prep online doubt-clearing session to clear their queries directly from experts. It will help them to keep updated with the changing trends of the CAT exam. Regular doubt-clearing sessions also help you to gain a better conceptual understanding of the topics and stay on top of your preparation.

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Learn Shortcuts to Solve Questions in CAT

The non engineering candidates must be focused on learning shortcut methods to solve the questions quickly. It is needed to save time and complete the questions with an accurate answers.

QA shortcuts tricks are very important for enhancing the solving speed and time management. Competitive exams, including CAT, are all about time. If the aspirants know time management, then every question seems to be easier for them to solve.

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