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By Priyanka Chaturvedi|Updated : December 1st, 2017

Daily Writing Challenge-

All of you, it is a reminder to submit your daily writing questions and answers in the comment section below.

Mains exam is the most important stage of your Civil or state PCS exams. Considering this and as all of you were asking for Mains writing practice, you all can submit your answers of your own selected questions.

The subject or topic you are studying on a day, you can choose your own questions, then tag me in the comment section and I will review them.

As I told you guys that from today onward, we will be providing you one question here as you all requested so-

  1. Early Buddhist Stupa-art, while depicting folk motifs and narratives successfully expounds Buddhist ideals. Elucidate.

For Hindi medium Students-

  1. प्रारम्भिक बुद्धा स्तूप कला, लोक वर्ण्य-विषयो एवं कथानको को चित्रित करते हुए बुद्धा आदर्शो की सफलतापूर्वक व्याख्या करती है | विशदीकरण कीजिए |



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Pratik Pratik
While posting the question .. mention Dat it's day 1, day dis is first question mention day 1 - question....... And also provide answer for it or imp point of the answer in a separate post
Ayush Poddar
Q-Protectionism has been given much focus, especially by big nations in the recent times. Does it mean that the rate of deglobalisation has increased?
The idea of protectionism has been inspired from the merchantalist era where countries in order to gain from exports(flow of gold to export surplus country) placed heavy tariffs on imports.The recent wave of protectionism seems to be motivated by political considerations rather than economic considerations.This can be seen in the rise of right wing political parties across Europe and Brexit taking place at the same time.
Countries which benefited from the first wave of Globalisation ending with first World War are at the helm of such inward policies.It is driven by following considerations-
1-Rise in heterogeneity in the society due to large influx of migrants.
2-The benefit of domestic policies or development (rise in wages) is being leveraged by outsiders thereby leading to loss of jobs for the residents of home country.
3-In order to give protection to the domestic industries and create jobs for home country
Countries like India and China who have benefited from the second wave of globalisation which started in 1980s, have been promoting globalisation both at the international and global platforms. This can be seen with the opening up of Indian economy by reducing the FDI limits in various sectors and the initiation of Belt and Road Initiative by China.Since this wave of protectionism is driven solely by political considerations and not as a economic backlash against globalisation , it cannot be said that the rate of deglobalisation has increased. Knowing the economic benefits that accrue from globalisation countries all over the world are working on opening up their economies.
According to Amartya Sen "Globalisation per se is not wrong but the unequal distribution of benefits of globalisation is the major culprit". Therefore countries must work to leverage the potential benefits of globalisation by providing heath and education facilities ( enhancing capabilities) and making globaliation more inclusive as has been emphasised by Ban Ki Moon.
Ayush Poddar
@Priyanka Chaturvedi
Ayush Poddar

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