How To Score 99+ %ile in CAT 2022? Know Expert Tips and Suggestions

By Anjali Chowdhury|Updated : February 11th, 2022

Aspirants preparing for Common Admission Test (CAT) have a single frame of mind to get into the top B-schools of India. CAT is a national-level entrance exam conducted for candidates who wish to pursue their career in MBA/PGDM courses. Though preparing for the CAT exam is a strenuous task, one should remember that they have the strength to clear the CAT exam provided that they have the dedication and perseverance towards achieving it.

Definitely to reach CAT 99 plus percentile score, one needs to act smartly, work consistently and strategically. If one can identify their weaker areas and work hard upon them, then, he/she can easily crack this exam. Here, we’ll discuss the tips through which one can easily score 100 percentile in CAT 2022 Exam.

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Few Important Tips to Prepare for 99+ %ile in CAT 2022 Exam

Candidates who are aspiring for securing the 99 plus percentile should go through the key points mentioned below for preparing for the CAT exam. 

Tests Yourself and Create a Structured Time-table

First of all, aspirants need to evaluate themselves on how much time they can spend on CAT preparation apart from other affairs. Many aspirants fail to do so and end up in making chaos in their plan. They try to complete their syllabus in one go rather than practicing each topic at least twice. Create a schedule for one month and try to stick to it. It should involve other activities too that can relax your mind also. Aspirants should remember the saying “You don’t have to be extreme but consistent”. So, make a structured plan and adhere to it without fail.

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Choose the Best Study Material for the CAT Preparation

Many aspirants waste their time in finding the right study material for CAT preparation. Start collecting good study material from relevant sites. Don’t think of collecting as much material as you can because it is just a waste of time and money. Many aspirants are of the mindset of “multiple books, better preparation”. One should remember “The quality of the content matters more than the quantity”. Stick to limited books but go through them multiple times. Once you get accustomed to the schedule, optimize your syllabus. Go through the CAT syllabus and jot down the topics for which you need to collect study material and then, collect books according to it. Refer newspapers/ magazines/ articles for RCs and vocabulary sections. Try to solve a variety of questions and learn from them.

Go through the concepts first

  • First and foremost step is to clear your basics. If your basics are not clear, you can’t solve a question.
  • Go through online courses and/or offline, and clear your concepts. Clarity is hugely important in topics. 
  • There is only a handful of time left to make your CAT 2022 preparations better. So, go through your concepts according to the CAT syllabus.
  • Focus on those areas that are weak and try to improve in them. In this way, complete your syllabus and then solve CAT mock tests/PYQs with the help of tricks. 

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Do attempt Mock Tests/PYQs

Once you are done with your basics, try attempting mock tests regularly. You’ll get an idea of the difficulty level of the CAT exam. Every year, IIMs release mock tests on their official website, so that candidates can get a gist of the actual exam level. Take a mock test and analyse it and check what went wrong and where. Once you analyse your weaker areas, you can easily work upon them. Apart from mock tests, do attempt Previous Years’ Papers, as you’ll get to know about the pattern of the CAT exam. Keep in mind the accuracy and speed required in the examination and act according to it.

Focus on Time Management

Candidates are advised to attempt as many mock tests as they can as it is extremely important to manage the time in the examination. Generally, candidates are not able to finish their exam in the allotted time and/or make mistakes due to lack of time. Learn how to manage your time and do questions according to the given time. Also, make a proper timetable and try to spend daily on all the three sections of the CAT. Spend more time on the weak topics and clear your concepts on them. Then, start attempting the mock tests/PYQs on the regular basis. 

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Adhere to Negative Marking in CAT

According to the marking scheme of CAT, for every correct answer 3 marks are awarded, and for each incorrect 1 mark is deducted. For TITA (Non-MCQ) questions, there is no negative marking in CAT. So, according to the marking scheme, candidates should attempt only those questions in which they are sure about. Suppose a candidate attempts 70 questions out of which 45 are correct and 25 are wrong. So, a candidate will grab 45*3 i.e. 135 marks, however, 25*1 i.e. 25 marks will be knocked down from the total for wrong answers. As a result, 135-25 i.e. 110 marks will be his/her net score. Candidates are advised to attempt questions of 100% surety. Keep an eye on the “net correct attempt” i.e. 100% surety and try to avoid tricky and complicated questions as you have to pay for it.

Figure out your Strengths and Weaknesses

Candidates need to figure out their strong and weak sections. Though it is suggested to spend more time on weak areas you can’t ignore your strong topics. You would not wish your strengths to eventually land up with the weaker topics. For instance, if you are weak in the VARC section, spend 3 hours on it, but at the same time, you should spend 2 hours each on the other two sections. In this way, you’ll improve on your weaker areas and will not deteriorate your strengths. The most important step is to be consistent in your plan. If you are firm in your preparation, then, it will lead to fruitful results.

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Know about the CAT Normalisation Procedure

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) declares the CAT result only after normalizing the marks. CAT exam is given by lakhs of students and is conducted in two slots. There would be a difference in the level of the exam held in both slots. To ensure even-handedness and impartiality in the performance of students, there is a CAT Normalisation Process by IIM. Candidates must know about the normalization process and rest assured that there won’t be any partiality. Their scorecard would be unbiased and you only need to focus on your study plan.

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  • CAT is conducted once a year. It is commonly held in the month of November. CAT 2021 will be held on 28th November 2021.

  • No, any electronic gadgets are not permitted in the examination hall. On-screen calculators will be provided on the computer. Candidates are advised to develop a habit of mental calculation so as to avoid time wastage.

  • Candidates will be given 3 marks for each correct answer and -1 for each wrong answer. So, candidates are advised to attempt questions in  which they have 100% surety.

  • Yes, there is a sectional time limit of 40 minutes for general category students and 60 minutes for PwD category. This means, you don’t have the choice to start with or to switch to any section. You have to attempt in a chronological order.

  • There are 3 sections in total: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), Quantitative Aptitude (QA).

  • There is no deduction for not attempting a question. Candidates can easily skip the question.

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