How does climate change affect Biodiversity?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 3rd, 2022

Biodiversity and climate change are closely tied to one another. The temperature in a particular area is impacted by a difference in the climate, which may or may not make it ideal for all species.

  • The world's temperature and climate have changed noticeably over the past few years due to global warming trends. It has directly impacted all plant and animal species' ability to survive.
  • It is also anticipated that many plants and animal species may face threats to their existence if the temperature rises further.
  • The foundation of life on Earth is robust biodiversity and healthy ecosystems, and climate change impacts many species' habitats.

Climate Change in India

  • India has questioned the UN's haste in designating climate change as an international security concern, potentially granting the Security Council the authority to take action on the subject, and highlighted the strategy's flaws.
  • According to India, the Paris Agreement and multilateral attempts to develop solutions would be disrupted by a "mere decision of the Council" to take over enforcement of climate change action.
  • Security in the twenty-first century is threatened globally by climate change. We must take immediate action to reduce future threats to the planet we share and the desired peace.


How does climate change affect Biodiversity?

Climate change affects biodiversity as climate changes affect local temperatures, which may or may not be favorable for all species. Climate change and biodiversity are interrelated issues. The survival capacity of all plant and animal species has been directly impacted by the noticeable changes in global temperature and climate.


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